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Amazing $20 Bill 9/11 Coincidence

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Most recent comments at the top. This Guest Book has been retired in September 2008. Thanks go to the 5,800 folks over the past six years who left a comment. Thanks also go to the spammer and botnet farmers who helped us learn how to effectivly block their crap.

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I think you guys should just enjoy life and not be scared of wat is going to happen w/ the goverment. they have their own issues. the thing i told u is wut we learned in school so dont say well u are also concered about it cause im not... i could acually care less

tanner from USA
they couldnt have planded it if they made the dollar bills before it happend and the smoke was a perfect match.how were they supposed to know that? werent the pilot in the plane aiming for the bottom of the twin towers?

smart guy from unknown
So many coincidences, no plane parts at the Pentagon no wreckage in the field. So called terrorist highjackers still alive, 4ft wide main columns cut at an angle with thermate, molten steel in the basement weeks after the event, totally bogus official report. Uh, no fossil fuel can melt steel. Don't believe me...just ask anyone at ground zero, if they're still alive. The trade center were loaded with asbestos and nobody would rent the space without subsidies, Silverstien bought the whole complex weeks before the implosion and over-insured the whole complex, he made 4+ Billion on that deal. And what about WTC 7 which housed the CIA and SEC? Yup, pure coincidence!!

decieved from USA
you guys gotta really think hard about who we are up agaisnt and who causes these things. the gov was made to protect the people but they dont and this is been done before and many times. in order to get their agenda across they will do anything. these super rich ungodly people care about one thing....world domonation and thats it.

aj from us
I have read some of the comments. But when In God We Trust is removed from your money, that's when country will be in real trouble

beatlejuice from Ft McCoy FL
The us government did this 9 11 thing. They made 9 11. Why did they confiscate all the tapes recordings. Why did they take all the gold from the twin towers basement a few day before the atack. etc etc. there more stuff. THE US GOVERNMENT = TERRORIST !!!!!! Americans watch out for them.

The angel from caribbean
i heard that bush is passing a law that all money won't even exist and scientist will create micro chip implants for humans to use as a form of currency, now thats creepy, they claim it's to eliminate identity theft, idk, what ever the reason i might just be broke then. lol...

liwaya from ny
Yeah the government knew about this whole thing... it was alll planned out... and who knows why on the 5 dollar bill there are random 26 states... that must have a meaning too.. so yah this is the governments secrets.

Someone from Paris
you people are idiots who belive there is some secerate mistery to the u.s currancy.

kgdhgf from snyder texas
Simple mathematics tells us the chance of all 5 notes lining up in the correct order is 1 in (5!) = 1 in 120. I can verify I have a 1996 series $20 bill and it does indeed fold to represent the twin towers.

Anon from UK
Well, when you think about it, after 9/11 George Bush made new notes and they somewhat made pictures in chronological order of 9/11 events. So coincidence or conspiracy you decide!

Teh Man Man from New Zealand
Look guys its not just the 20 dollar bill. I originally scoffed at the 20 dollar bill saying its just a coincidence but if you fold the 5 all the way up to the 100 you get an exact chronological event of that day. The 5 shows the towers before they were hit, the 10 shows the north tower, the twenty both are hit and it shows the two flights that were used that day in the same image, united and american flights. The 50 shows the towers collapsing into themselves and the 100 shows that the towers are gone and nothing is left but dust!!!

there are no coincidences

Andrew Emerson from Michigan
You know, I can see why the twenty loosely resembles images from 9/11.

Also, I heard (not too sure, but I heard) that if you unfold the bill, the creases aim straight for the center of the white house. And the point where the creases intersect is where Lincoln was shot. Not too sure if it's true, but that's just something I heard.

Have a nice day, and may the revolution devastate the ever-consuming evil that feasts upon our souls.

X from (Classified)
I am not suprised. I have said all along that this government does things to other countries and even things to its own citizens. Everybody needs to wake up and see the writing on the wall before it is too late.

Bamby from Brooklyn
Guess what- you can find almost anything in any paper with designs if yu try hard enough!!! (Land o Lakes butter package.) Get real and worry about REAL problems- aggressive drivers of large vehicles, the fashion industry that touts anorexia as a life style. Ignorance is not bliss it is just stupidity!! Stop folding money andd use it for something WORThy!

areba from ny
I am in school and i we just watched a documentary about 9/11 last period and now i am in computer class searching the web for interesting sites about 9/11, and i happened to come across this site. i don't think God had anything to do with the coinincidence of the twenty dollar bill. People designed these bills, probably somewhere in our country probably, maybe not, i don't know, but who does?? i think that the thoughts about the chinese are excellent too but i cant be sure. thats all i have to say. no one really knows what the hell is going on...still...and we will probably never...that's just secrecy for ya!

have a nice day! :)

Sara from LA
It is just no secret any longer, there are too many americans that are catching on to the fact that 9-11 was and is a conspiracy. The new bills just goes to show just HOW covert this project was. But EVERYONE gets sloppy and the truth always prevails! So... here we are almost a decade later, and we are JUST scratchin the surface on what our governments agenda TRULY is... why have so many Americans forgotten what our Countries Constitution is for... Stand up and overrun our government ~ it is time for a revolution!!

American who is afraid of their government from Utah
see this is the thing that people didn't realize, they walkin around with ly information in their pockets in their hands in the bank, so thats like saying in america we walk around with right under our nose right in our face and don't even realize. this design thing on the 20 dollar bill lets us know that we as a people need to wake up and recognize before something happens. if people love money so much why dont they take time and pay attention to it, it could be some very important information that we really need to know between the lines.people take money for granted. people will do anything for money, now how is you going to do almost anything for something that you take for granted that dont make any sense. and if you do anything for something or someone thats considered love right according to the world. the truth is people dont know what true love is. there is a message that i am trying to get across here if you understand me real talk.


me from in m skin
I have no doubt that there is significance to this. Just one more proof of quantum physics and that the law of atraction is true.
I drew a picture a year before this happened... Of course I only show and tell this to my closest friends. I normally dont create pictures of destruction... thats the rub. However my picture does not depict the WTC - but rather a NY City familiar. It still sticks in my mind as a possibility for prophetic brain waves.
So... a $20 depicting the WTC and Pentagons destruction... I am not surprised. The US bills are loaded with info... not even all on purpose.

Dan from WI
you are a terrorist in your self because inocent (thick) pepole will beleve this you can make almost any thing tool like something with a bit of effort would a president really kill off somany of his people ? how much did this cost the US and UK , this triggered the war how much has this cost the US and UK you can answer that but then you will come bac with but the oil with random facts you can prove all most any thing if you leave out the rest of the detail

dave from uk
You disgust me. As a part of the 'government' I take great offense at your misguided and misconstrued intentions. Everyone needs someone to hate, I guess, and you all are no different. Try hating the murdering lot hiding behind a religion to carry out their deeds. Try telling the patriot protecting your ability to act like idiots that he is a mindless drone. Try telling me all this dribble...to my face...but that is right...you are mindless drones without the will to exert influence, right?

An American from America
I just want to say that those of you who believe Bush was behind the 9/11 attack needs to leave this great country and go live in another. The left wing of our country is ruining it and will implode this country from within if they take control. GOD BLESS AMERICA! The scary part....these morons are the futre of our country.

LUVUSA from California
Glenn Beck, you are a moron... Plain and simple, a moron.
1. Why would the government put proof on its country's currency? Putting proof of one of the biggest conspiracies of all time on something that is distributed throughout the entire nation is pure RETARDED!
2. The proof on the dollar bills barely resembles the actual pictures.
3. Are you trying to get this nation to collapse? Are you a terrorist? If you prove this to be true, America will be ashamed forever.

A Smart Person With Half A Brain from America
i think its true...because there are too many signs...i think it was created by some illuminati... what have seen in some hollywood fims..something seems be true... it´s crazy, intresting und horrible... i say open your eyes, don´t believe all news in tv or newspapers...look behind...bye andré

André from Germany
I'm really not the type of person to comment on things like this, but this is just so interesting to me. I haven’t seen the loose change movie yet, but I intend to very soon. I believe that 9/11 was not planned out by terrorist. So you must know what I’m getting at!! It really breaks my heart to think of all those innocent people that lost their lives & loved ones.

The 20-dollar bill is very hard to believe, even though it’s right in front you. Also all this information I've learned just by reading everybody’s comments is amazing. (Thanks) For all those people out there that are putting everybody down for saying what he or she believes in, I really feel sorry for you. Nothing better to do than believe this garbage” Obviously the government wouldn’t kill all those people for the hell of it…. $$$$$$$$$. If you have nothing better to do than put your own people down. Well... that’s most of our problem. Sad really!!!

Your neighbor
. *¸. ·*¨)
(¸. ·´**. ¤*¤

Oh & for all those correcting our spelling, I apologize in advance. Wouldn’t be the first mistake I made in my life. Haha…

your neigbor from Canada.(eh)
I just wanna go back here to say... this may not be accidental or this may be a GLITCH in American history. maybe the Federal Reserve made this for the purpose of commemorating the destruction of a building critcized for its bland exteriors. However, my classmate said Osama bin Laden's name also appears...in its Arabic form. The question is... why is it in ARABIC????

Gabby from Manila, Philippines
The reality is and somewhere deep inside I think we all know it, the current administration both planned and executed 911. It is my oppinion that the 20 dollar bill coinsidence is more than likely some sort of masonic message.

Angelan6 from usa
i think the trade center coincedent is pretty cool. i am not trying to be rude but whoever thought of this is pretty stupid!!!!!

Kurt from Tailand
That's no coincidence. And Government Mafiosi didn't put it there on purpose for a laugh. Ask yourself: who scrapped the gold standard and why? Why is this piece of paper backed by nothing at all and in fact worth nothing? Why is the Fed 10 trillion bucks in debt? And where did all the real money (=gold) go? Who benefits from 9/11? Whose enemies have been destroyed in Iraq and Afghanistan? Not America's, that's for sure. That's why it says ?gIn God We Trust?h - and not ?gIn Zionists We Trust?h on our banknotes.

Muriel from Madison
I THINK THAT THIS HOLE MONEY FOLDING THIS IS....interesting. the goverment IS keeping this and snuff away from the public. Like for example, u no how the satanic pose , when uput your middle and ring finger down. ya well then WUTS THE PRESIDENT DOING IN THE SATANIC POSE???hmmmmm...........well there is more TONES MORE IS YOU GO TO (WWW.YOUTUBE.COM). next you press the bar on top were there is the word search and type in TYHE NEW WORLD ORDER. it will give you a long list of videos, press the one with the white building an dyou'll no what im talking about.

???? from ??????
most people should look at things different than two towers burning on the 20..i mean on a 5 dolar billthe sun is shining from the south?doesn't the earth go west to east? plus that washington dc is formed in the shape of a pentagram.

ur mom from ur mom
911 was an inside job. watch 911 mysteries, have an open mind. Also While your at read debunking 911 myths. Look at both sides of it. Then make up your mind. But before you make a decission on what happened and who can be held responsible please investigate it for yourself. You can find both 911 mysteries and debunking 911 myths online. Thanks

Well... I think that the $20 is just a mere coincidence. There is no possible way that our predeccesors knew of the attacks that would happen on September 11. It should be passed off as nothing more than a trick. It may seem wild, but seriously... Just get ahold of yourselves... It's all just coming from some people with nothing to do with their lives. Ignore it...

Jay from Florida
Wow. I can't believe that there are actually idiots out there who believe that this is anything other than an amusing coincidence. If the attack were somehow planned and put into action by the government (hint: IT WASN'T!), what would be the point of leaving a blatant trail of clues on printed currency? How dense and lonely does one have to be to think that the internet holds the key to such consipracies anyway?
I feel extremely sorry for each and every one of you deluded fools. What a pitiful life you must lead.

Dave from Japan
the new $20 dalllar bill was made in (1996) this was the date when thenew (20) came out it was well planned during this time and before when clinton was president then he got impeached by congress bush was president before him you indaviduals should learn more and understand more this is serious stuff here i cant explain anymore try congress and the (UN) there the power of the whole world and our lifes are now in there hands they controll everyone yeah you think your in your home haveing sex or drinking playing card you know where im getting at THEY KNOW AND THERE WATCHING AND LISTNING TO EVERYTHING.

person from washinton
I find it upsetting that people like skeptic from Connecticut need to insult other free thinking people in order to try and rationalize their narrow minded thinking. I hope the leaders of our future explore all possibilities and rational facts, rather than blindly follow what is being feed to use by these same type of people. All of a sudden we are all in the same crack pot, conspiracy illiterate liberal category because we choose to question evidence and reasoning given to us by this current administration who has lied to the world over and over again.

If Skeptic had read some of the post he claimed to or did any type of investigation, he would know that on Sept. 24th, 1998 the 20 dollar bill received a completely new appearance to further deter counterfeiting. But instead he chose to attack other people's fundamentals without even knowing what he himself was talking about. Maybe this guy is happy with our super smart president, but I am not and I do not blindly believe everything he tells me.

David from Long Beach
I find it so upsetting that people actually believe in conspiracies such as the 9/11 conspiracy. I look at this site and see a bunch of half-literate, undereducated, overstimulated romanticists who are CONVINCED that the government had ANY reason to plan the attacks, not to mention encode it in 1928 during the design of the $20 bill. It's so disappointing. Unfortunately it's people like this that are our future leaders. Think realistically and try to imagine what our nation will be like in twenty years when all we have are conspiracy theorist, panicky liberals running everything. Try to use rational thought rather than emotion and your curious hate for the president to explain things.

A skeptic from Connecticut
The bills. They are symbolic. The old bills did not fold and show the towers being hit. The new ones do. Now ask yourself. Why hasn't the one dollar bill hasn't been changed in a long time. But when it was the molech owl was put on the bill just to the upper left of the squared number 1. And yes of course the Illuminati All seeing eye which can be found as the logos and symbols of many major corporations. Now moving on, they started with the one dollar bill because WWII was a successful plan of the elite and the first extremely big success in the US part of the plan. The other bills are now changed and in them are hidden the 9/11 attacks. They don't change the one dollar bill because there is no point it already has the symbolic owl of molech and the all seeing eye. Just something I thought about the recent changing of the bills and I thought why not the One dollar bill? I think it makes sense. Also on the back of the one dollar bill you can pen over the pyramind- trace the triangle, then make a straight line connecting the A to the S, next make a straight line connecting the same letter A to the ending letter O in Ordo, now make a straight line from that O to the S. Hmmm. now circle the letter and they spell mason. hmmmmmmmmm. Also the stars above the bald eagle are arranged perfectly to form the exact same symbol. Hmmmmmmmmmm

Just another patriotic american from In my head
its just a coincidence because there are building on your bills. its not that amazing and interesting .

Aly from Canada
I cant believe it! How could this be? This bill was made like over 80 years ago and the twin tower attack happened a couple of years ago. I think its some sort of sign .

roxy from hollywood
hi i cannot believe that.But i do.i do not have a 20 though so i cannot try it,but i will try.I think someone in the process of making the 20 was connected to Ben Laden

hallie from hollywood california
I can't beleive that our money has those hidden pictures. we new something bad was going to happen all along. It was right under noses, in our banks, in our pockets, in our hands, in our wallets, in our childrens hands, and worst of all in our governments hands. We should have at least tried to prevent it from happening.

Victoria from In School
I did your little experiment, and I was completely amazed. It was a little creepy, what can be found on our money..

ruth from nj usa
Have you heard? Bush Administration is fighting the Order to change America's currency so paper money could be more easily used by the blind. It was a very quick news story and then just disappeared. They say it will cost too much money, but im wondering if there is somthing on the new bills like the old $20. Can anyone figure this one out? I bet there are clues on the new bills they dont want us to know about.

David from Long beach
I didnt read all the postings. And i would have been the last person to believe some crap about it all being a government conspiracy. Then I saw a movie called For your consideration or loose change im not sure of the actual title, but has anyone seen it? It pretty much convinced me by the end that the whole thing was a giant set up, that the States was looking for a new pearl harbour (written in a government document from the film). I think anyone who has doubts it could have been a conspiracy should watch it, and see if they are still 100% sure your government did not have a part in it.
It focuses on almost every aspect of the tragedy including how and why it could have been done. For example, the numerous videos of people and firefighters who heard explosions after the plan had hit... or the fact that lots of buildings have burned for 20 hours and never collapsed. How it looked a little too much like a demolition. How no plane hit the pentagon and their excuse is that a massssive plane vaporized. Its extremely hard to swallow that such a thing is even imaginable, but watch the movie, do some research and see if you have a new opinion. (please dont lash back at me, this is just my opinion and yes I do feel ridiculous for questioning whether or not it was the government or terrorists) I just really think everyone needs to see this movie, to see that there is a reasonable doubt that terrorist was to blame.

Laura from Canada
You can't dismiss the fact that the government has put through the Patriot Act which lets the Government, without warrant, monitor individuals or groups it labels as terrorists. What happens when they label...teachers as suspected terrorists, or Christians, or Jews...etc. (Sound Familiar?) They currently have put through the National ID Act, which paves the way for the Mark. These and many more laws have and will be pushed through all pointing back to 9-11. Convenient now that they can say terrorist and the people just give away their rights. Spread the truth and soon the people might have a chance. Stay silent and you will see the rise of a terrible entity, which has already started to show it's horrible agenda. To enslave the people, and lead them away from the truth. Mass confusion, what a terrible state to be. Good luck to all, and God Bless.

Chuck from North Carolina
I've just watched on of the 9/11 documentaries focusing on the CONTROLLED demolition of the buildings. This stuff just gets more sinister by the minute. The truth must out.

John from Scotland
Wow nonya, that was tough to read, but I think I got your point. For all we know they are in kahoots. For some reason though I think its bigger than that. All I know is the 20 dollar bill was a good example of what these people are capable of. Lets see if we have any great minds out there that can find the next sign...before it happens. Im looking, but they do such a good job of hidding thier every move, who knows what is real anymore.

david from Long Beach
what i think of it, its all b******* Osama and Bush are the best of freinds they have all the oil money and publics tax paying dollars and with no money no power with money theres power, as matter of fact Bush and Osama kind of remind me of Pinky and the Brain, Pinky is Bush and Osama is Brain pinky sayswut are you doing brain brain says,same thing we do everyday there pinky trying to take over the world ant that is why osama hasn't been captured and thats why osama owns percentage of United States and all you americans ask questions well ask your computer it will tell you lots

Proud Scared Canadian from nonya ?nonyafnbusiness
comman sense people? 5 inch structural steel burns at 2800 degrees, jet fuel burns no hotter than 1500degrees.the twin towers were built to withstand a jetliner hit,and when do building collaps strait down without expert demolishion, no things have begun, and were all responsible for not using our comman sense. knowlege is true FREEDOM!

joseph from american state of canada
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