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The Original
Amazing $20 Bill 9/11 Coincidence
What Is This?

In no way does this web site makes light of the worst day in our nation's history. We are simply pointing out a remarkable coincidence. We have sold advertising space to help recover the cost of serving huge amounts of web page data. If we didn't publish this trivial web site, then someone overseas, or someone not as patriotic as us, would have gained the notoriety. It is our duty as American citizens to present this web page to you. God Bless America!

The Story:
On Saturday, May 4th, 2002, one of our web guys found out how to fold a $20 bill at a NASCAR party. Racing fans will remember that night; the race was postponed because of rain. For a few days, we showed the coincidence to friends and colleagues, all of whom were amazed.

On the evening of May 9th, we put together a web page to share with our friends online. Our webmaster created the first version of this page in 15 minutes; he thought that only a few dozen people would ever see it.

We posted a message on the user news-group at our favorite web hosting company, pair Networks and word of the coincidence spread quickly. The Rest Is History. Within ten days, the page had been viewed over one million times.

We never implied that the Amazing $20 Bill 9/11 Coincidence is anything other than its name suggests. We purposely left out any editorial comment about the coincidence because we wanted to get unbiased comments and opinions. We Got Them

Our company, All Brevard Web Sites, is a small web hosting business located in Melbourne, FL. Never in our wildest dreams did we expect to get a two-million-hit web page, but we did. We were caught off guard, but we still managed to to keep up with several months' worth of web site traffic each day. You can find out more about the technical issues involved with hosting such a popular page in our Web Hosting Issues.


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