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Amazing $20 Bill 9/11 Coincidence
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Comments added May 23rd, 2002.

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Here are some notable comments about our web site. They are all real; we could never make this up. The comments below have not been edited except to remove expletives.

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Your Comment: Where did you get this information on the 9/11 attack? It has been leaked to the press, was your source a reliable one?

Your Comment: The $20 bill web site is a hoax. I have a 20 from the 1996 series and it looks the same as your picture. With all that has happened, i do not understand why people need to start something/feed off of the tragedy that occured.


Your Comment: Regarding your Pentagon and WTC burning on the new $20 bill.... What a waste of your listeners' time. You are lame-asses. --Chris

Your Comment: Clearly, people who visit the $20 webpage are morons who need to be euthanized. And you people obviously cater to the "retarded" demographic segment of society with such garbage on your webpage. Do us all a favor and go out of business.

Your Comment: I can't believe that you would do something like this to try and get business out of this. I will guarantee that I will advertise for you, and tell everyone to not come to this website or do business with people like you. How dare you.

Your Comment: All of the new bills, 5,10,20,50,100, all have a hidden picture. They are sequential too. Just fold the same way and check it out.

Your Comment: The deal about the $20.00 bill is no different than the book that is available about the idea that there are extremely specific details hidden in the Bible about significant wars and other world-affected circumstances. The discovery with the $20. bill is just as with the book, you must know about an event before you can decipher it. Otherwise why wasn't the information about the $20 bill discovered before 9/11 & everyone warned? Similarly, many of the horrors of World War II could have been averted if we had known about them, before they happened, and knew how to gleen this hidden information from the Bible. In much the same way if President Bush had of known, (before the incidents occurred), that four airplanes were going to be hijacked and crashed into the Towers & Pentagon & White House, he would have been able to take specific steps to prevent these tragedies. But then, for him to know specific details like these would mean that he is God. Even [BIG "IF"] if he was privy to or conspired with Ben Laden, he could never have been able to predict exactly where the planes would hit each building, as shown on the $20 bill. So as with the Bible this is just one more reasonable assumption to lead us to consider that God allowed or orchestrated these "hidden messages" simply to remind us that he, always has been, and is still in control. Only God, who knows things before they occur, could have the incident printed in any form with extreme accuracy even to the point of showing the varying levels in two tower where two airplanes would hit, the left tower a United Airlines, the right tower an American Airlines! Regardless of what the liberal Democrates and conspiracy theorist want to believe, even GW isn't that good! Nor is it intelectually, or humanly possible for him to be that evil. There are too many variables that could occur, like, who could have preguessed that the hijacked plane, whose suspected destination was the White House, would be crashed in Pennsylvania, and that the naturlly the destruction of the White House was not on the $20 bill with the Trade Towers & Pentagon. GO Figure!

Your Comment: I wanted to tell you that i was completly amazed about the $20 dollar bill trick that you show on your website. I also wanted to let you know that I noticed 2 other things associated with the tragedy. when you unfold the bill back out flat there is the white house on the back of it, across the white house there is a big X right in the middle of the white house, which was the next intended site of the plane that crashed in pennsylvania. the other thing I noticed was that when the bill is folded and you are looking at the tower and pentagon the bill looks like an airplane!!!!! well enough of my babbling I just wanted to let you know.

Your Comment: In regards to the new 20 dollar bill scenes....Doesn't this raise any questions to anyone but me about our governments envolvement in the attacks of 9/11 and are just covering something?

Your Comment: The $20 bill thing is to wierd. Screw all the whiners. Keep up the good work. This is what the net's all about! Ted

Your Comment: That $20 bill folding bulls*** is just that... BULLS***. Someone needs to spend their time more wisely.

Your Comment: I really enjoyed your story about the $20.00 bill. However, have you tried it with the new $10.00 bill? It also works. The pentagon is a little bit bigger, but on the reverse side, it actually looks more like the twin towers than on the $20.00. Check it out. I couldn't believe it when I tried it!!!!

Your Comment: THAT IS THE Worst thing i ve seen. F***E off with your i exploit America Buls*** F*** YOU and you mom u are the garbages americans have to put up with
Editor's Note: Yes, with an "E"... Dan Quayle?

Your Comment: You have got to be smokin' dope if you think that $20 bill was printed that way.

Your Comment: just out of curiousity, who did you confirm this propaganda with? ALTHOUGH it does appear to be real, where did you get your information?

Your Comment: AAHAHHAAHHAHAH oh my god that is so scary

Your Comment: RE: Folding the $20 Someone went to an awful lot of trouble just to strecth a wild imagination. What was it Groucho said which describes this situation? In Animal Crackers, he says "...and you'll find that stewed prunes taste more like rhubarb than celery does." Or, words to that effect... - Harpo

Your Comment: i have a 1999 $20 Bill that does the same. Do you think this was already planned??

Your Comment: Don't know if you're doing anything about people ripping off your site, but I saw your site on the local news and the following link, was a SPAM that I received.

Your Comment: please fill me in aboutthe gov. cover ups and conspiracys.i am interested in all that is around me and my children,to grt them ready as much as possible for the crooked future

Your Comment: The 20 mdollar bill...Twin Tower effect cannot be formed. You are misrepresenting things.

Your Comment: Just think - all those people who could have been saved if only you guys had folded the bill prior to 9/11!! Please, for the love of God, fold those bills until every possible crease has been exhausted! Maybe....just maybe....we can foil those bastards before they strike again because we will have the answer RIGHT THERE IN GREEN AND WHITE!!! Get to folding, men!! We want no more blood on our hands!!


Your Comment: I just want you to know that I know, and others, that the more hits, the more businesses become interested, the more money the web host makes. The dollar thing is kind of neat, but still seems like kind of a miss-use of a tragedy, and people's emotions, to me (that's what happens when someone's money-making gets mixed up with honorable things like commemoration and heart-felt giving/sharing)

Your Comment: I'd just like to say here here to the person who wrote the very long comment posted on your site. GOD IS IN CONTROL, of everything! Be assured, there is much more to come. The time is NOW to turn to Him!

Your Comment: i guess these two people (Editor's Note: reference to two previous comments) are talking about themselve, huh? chris was stupid enough to waste his time and dumber enough to complain and thus wasting more of his time and this other dude is clearly.. a moron!! HAHAHA!! what a dufus!

Your Comment: The $20 bill folding is pretty cool. If you fold the new $5 the same way, you get a heart on the front, and the Renaissance Center (the heart of Detroit) on the back

Your Comment: You know...if you look at the $20 bill it says "The United States of America"...that's exactly where the 9/11 attacks occured!!!! Wow...the amazing prophetic powers of hindsight recognition. I'll admittedly give 5 stars on originality, but I'll take back though 5 stars on taste! Come on guys...you can surely spend your time doing better things. - Don

Your Comment: I Know That A Lot Of Peeps R Hurt By What U C N The Bills - But It's Real Crazy 2 Get Mad At The Web Site 4 Allow'n The Knowledge - Face It - Life Isn't Fair - The Only Way That We Can Go On Is 2 Remember & Never 4get & Make It Betta - The Way That I Look At It Now - Everytime I Look At A New 20 Dollar Bill - I Thank God 4 Giving Me Another Chance 2 Get It Right - Like I Always Say..."U Gotta Get It Right & Do It Right 2 Make It Right" - Knowledge Is Power - Don't Hate - One...mg


Your Comment: When I folded a $5.00 bill, I got boobs. Really! Check it out!

Your Comment: Wow! What an amazing coincidence. It just goes to show there is something to chaos theories about world events. (Sycronicity is proven in this instance.)Maybe it proves God does have us on a PLAN. Thanks for your gallant efforts to get this amazing trick with a $20 public.

Your Comment: To whoever wrote that statement about morons and "retarded". You need to be more P.C. w/your statements. My child is "retarded" as you would say and that's showing your intellegence, and besides didn't you have to look that up yourself? What does that make you in addition to an asshole!

Your Comment: I am ashamed I even clicked on this site. I thought I would leave a comment and let you know how ashamed I am and how dispicable this site is.

Your Comment: Thank you for posting that - and you're marketing department couldn't have done a better job getting your name around the world for $1,000,000. If it was a marketing idea - brilliant; if not, you're very lucky. Good luck to you. I do hope other companies don't catch on. susan

Your Comment: I think the information that you have posted on the new $20 is absurd. To hint that our government would have produced a bill that would predict this in the future is absolutely ridiculous. Apparently someone has too much time on their hands. I suggest possibly getting a real job.

Your Comment: Now that I have read all of the information that led up to this $20 issue I am even more disgusted that you would be among the numerous low class people that would use 911 to profit. I am passing this info on to everyone that I know to discourage anyone using your site and am also sending a link to the appropriate governmental agencies so that they can see what is happening and that you are profiting from our nation's tragedy. Maybe if you would have lost a loved one that day you would have some respect.

Your Comment: you crackheads.

Your Comment: i was also very immpress by what i saw in the twenty but what amazed me the most was if you look really close at the tower on your left youll see the eyes and mouth of a demon or alien (something ) im a true beliver that nothing happens without a cause. trust me someone or something is laughing at us about how there right under our nose and we cant smell them.at least not yet.

Your Comment: I heard on talk radio that in the whole line of Bills (dollars) $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 that when folded they actually depict the towers comming down. There is a web site and i'm unsure what the address is that has the pictures of the bills to show this. I did wonder, because you have the $20 posted if you have heard of the other bills aswell, and if so if you could post all of them.

Your Comment: I first heard of the $20 9/11 bill at the Naval Reserves at Cleveland, OH. I learned how to fold it,and showed it to people at my full time job at WHIRLPOOL(Clyde, OH.)I heard prisoners figured it out. But I guess it was you guess. Am I right or wrong. You know who discovered America Christopher Columbus or The Viking. The question is simular to that. Peace, You guys are on top of it. David

Your Comment: I think the site is great - and quite interesting. I wanted to add something that my fiancee noticed. When you look at the the "Trade Center Burning" side of the bill - you can se the word "America" and the ord "United" - of coarse the planes that strucl the towers were American and United... Keep up the great work.

What You Said
What You Said: May 23 - May 25 - May 28 - May 31 - June 4 - June 10 - June 15 - June 26 - July 8 - August 19

Editor's Note: As of May 23rd, we've had 1,000,000 page views and around 20 complaints. Thanks to everyone who did send positive comments. The owner of this web page doesn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings. If this web site angers you, we apologize profusely. Peace.

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