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Amazing $20 Bill 9/11 Coincidence
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Comments added July 8th, 2002.

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Here are some notable comments about our web site. They are all real; we could never make this up. The comments below have not been edited except to remove expletives.

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Your Comment: I think this is really weird how you can fold a 20 dollar bill and you can see the twin towers burning down i really think the terrorists had something to do with this

Your Comment: The Afghan people as you know have planned this attack for a very long time. They could have been so thought out that they actually took american bills and were folding them and came up with this plan. Who knows? This world is filled wiht people who have tomuch time on their hands and sometimes that is not a good thing. We have to take in consideration that yes it is a little weird but It is in God's hands and we will all be safe.

Your Comment: I heard about this website from Q102 (the radio station), and i was so eager to try it! So when i did, i didnt know what to think! I was just so real! I was so amazed, and eager to try it with the 5 dollar bill, 10 dollar bill (ect)... I sitll havent had a chance though. I read someone elses comment, and she brought me to attention that other things have gone on. Read her comment on the May 31 icon. It is the long on! I think it is like the 9th one down! Thank you so much for showing me this exciting/disgusting/sad trick.

Your Comment: I don't know what to say about the $20.00 bill thing except that someone, somewhere thought of it just like someone, somewhere did those horrible acts but I think that the Gov. had something to do with it all along to some extent. Because it is always about money, money, money. It always is and will be. And the thing is, innocent people are pay for it, WITH THEIR LIVES! And for what? So the rich can keep getting richer and the poor, poorer? And the innocent die! God can't help us now, we've done this all to ourselves as did Adam and Eve. But it's not about religions it's about opinions which keeps us falling into evil and God just keeps giving us alternatives that we never seem to wanna take. See what POWER does when the wrong people have it! Thanks for giving people a web site to share comments and concerns, because this shows that you care about what people thinnk about our country!

Your Comment: This $20.00 bill thing is a prime example of what anyone can create from nothingness. What's really interesting are the comments it generated. To me, that's more interesting than the $20.00 bill. So many people were upset by this silly little trick. What a collective bunch of morons. Especially the ones that believe it to be prophetic and throw a little (or a lot) of Biblical prophesy on it. Those are the people we have to watch out for. Religious fanatics are the most dangerous people as we've all witnessed on numerous other occasions besides 9/11. It doesn't matter which religion. They are all dangerous and warp the weak minds of the world. A weak mind is easy to control. A weak mind is a potential soldier of death and the worlds religions are chock full of them. BEWARE OF THE FANATICS!!!

Your Comment: The Amazing 20 Dollar Bill act, well first of all the 20 dollar bill has always been the same ever since they have been making money and i am sure it has been there for a while and you people are not the first do discover it,sorry. All of you guys are just mourning over something that is oin our past and that wilil be forever remembered, but to morn and make monney and then your BSing people and telling them it is for a cause to raise money. well you know everyone has there own oppinon andthis is mine it is interasting to look at and it is pretty scary but i think it is all a bounh of people sick people getting together and doin somethiugn that ius wasteing their time , althought it draws people's attention it will not last long the dollar bills have always been like that i don't think they changed them ever since 9-11...sorry but its abounch of bogus

Your Comment: ok yes it is an eye catcher and interasting to look at but only to some extent...but over alll its pretty cool but i think some of your veiwers need some comon sence its just a spoof and something for peoples entarment , some people went over board and got to serious in my opinion but whatever Thanks guys,

Your Comment: I am not impressed. So you folded some paper. Not too difficult. Please stop trying to capitalize on the hurt and loss of thousands of people. It might just be something that you think is cool or neat, but it isn't needed. Please keep it to yourself.

Your Comment: it is not conincidence, god is giving a warning. don't turn your banck on me.

Your Comment: Ok, well this website is a bunch of COINCIDENCE! If the Sears tower got hit, would you spend all your time trying to figure out how a $20 dollar bill would look like that. Repeat after me...C-O-I-N-C-I-D-E-N-C-E!! get it through your head!

Your Comment: i saw an article in the oakland tribune today. it didn't say how to fold the bill to see the towers. so here i am. i feel it a bit exploitive of you all to piggy-back sales behind your attention getting coincidence.

Your Comment: One comment: HINDSIGHT IS 20/20. This is rediculous.

Your Comment: im not going to rant for 10 minutes over a 20. but just to say, u people who continually talk about it being a waste of time.....why are u spending 20 minutes b*tching about it? and people who said god is good? where was he? people who say its propaganda? didnt work did it? and people who spent 30 minutes reading all the remarks made by the "righteous" individuals? im sorry.

Your Comment: So someone was very ingenious with a $20 bill, no big deal. Wow! the power of radio lives!! over a million hits & counting, just fantastic. The ads help pay for the web page ,so keep them coming..Hey all you "Purtain People" keep up the fantastic job. You sure make driving to work a pleasure

Your Comment: I really think its a coincidence, but it makes me think on how big of a coincidence it is. I also think that if the 9/11 tragedy wouldnt of happened nobody would of noticed the images on the bill, meaning that we see what we look for, if not, nobody would of found it.I also believe that there is no one to blame. Dont blame goverment because ya'll people found what ya'll were looking for. That was not done on purpose.

Your Comment: I went to this website thinking it was something else and I was surprised to learn about this urban legend. I cannot believe someone had enough time on their hands to play around with a $20 bill. It just goes to show that there are some folks out there that need to get a life. There are better things to do out there besides playing with a $20 bill.

Your Comment: Ok....... first I think that this whole 9/11 thing is the same situation as Pearl Harbor......DUH ! The government even then (1941) knew that something was going to happen, but instead neglected and ignored the facts, or they were just to damn lazy to put a lil more time into finding out where the attacks were coming from. Today the U.S. has had multiple signs that something would happen, but with all the new technology that they may have the s*** doesnot read the minds of terroist. this whole $5,10,20,50, and 100 bill folding thing is indeed intreaging, seriously if Bin Laden had people working for the government making the images on our own money then guess what? WE WOULD NEVERE KNOW BECAUSE THE GOVERNMENT WILL COVER IT UP BECAUSE THEY DO NOT WANT TO BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR HIRING THEM AND PAYING THEM TO DO THESE THINGS. WOULD YOU? If you were smart and knew what would happen to you if you did confess you would cover it up to. Don't get me wrong but i love the U.S. just as much as the next person. Land of the free , Home of the brave. Well right now i dont't feel so free for I am being held in contempt to listen to every little rumor about 9/11. Yes it was a tragedy and i certainly did shed many tears, but things like this will continue to happen as long as the government does not get up off thier ass and stop taking trips to Camp david or golfing in North Carolina and sit down and acctualy use thier brain. Another thing that pisses me off is the fact that Gen. Colen Powell has had very little to say in this whole matter with trying to capture Bin laden. Now wait correct me if I'm wrong , but wasnt he one of the few people that help us win the gulf war. One of the most elite figures in the U.S. government today and you put him in the back to play shutes and ladders with an idiot who has nothing to do with this because he was held captive by his on country. please.......... i have better things to do then remind you what realy goes on in the U.S. !

Your Comment: k this may take awhile, but its going to be well worth it for all of the people who want to know about the NEW WORLD ORDER. First let me say this to the sleepers and by what I mean sleepers is all you people who dont relize whats going on around you you think the 20 dollar bill trick is a coincidence you think there is no new world order coming if its not already here well hear this sleepers. Look at this nation and what do you see but child pornography on the internet, rape violence, Drugs on television and in our movies we bring home to our children. Penisis on walt disneys covers for the little mermaid, no offense to the gays, but in flordia sodomy, gay marraige is legalized, In seattle the statanist hold a national holiday and burn the cross on Jesus Christ your lord and savoire mine too, and they put up a pentagram. This country is an immorral nation, We have and exuse me but we have nazis and niggers killing each other on the strrets for nike tennis shoes and for territory we have a government who lets people starve to death and live on the streets which leads to bums and which leads to innocent women, men and children being robbed and killed for a 20 dollar bill So now sleepers let me tell you what I know. You guys better post this Im taking up for you because I want these people to wake up so at least email me.

And one more thing why dont we take a stand to this treason/conspiracy/Immorality. What are you people afraid of this is our nation, not the damn FBI'S OR THE CIA'S or the Governments they work for us damn't we dont work for them, although its been that way since Jimmy Carter has been out of office. We need to fight for our freaken freedom are you going to allow them to inject ink in your retina so they can Identifie you in the future or are you going to sit back and take it.. DAMN'T FIGHT FOR YOUR FREEDOM AND STOP FIGHTING FOR A $20.00 T-shirt and a Nike ball cap its up to us not them let tell them they can kiss our butts and we will finally be able to change things and make this Sick nation a Healing/Cured nation but you sleepers wont do that will you So its bedtime america good freaking night until another explosion wakes you up, but then fall right back to f.!@!231@,. a sleep ok.

Your Comment: Can we truely break down the plot here.... We are expected to beleive that the government knowingly created engraved plates as some sort of totum of the future attrosities to come. This seems trite and far fetched to be simple, if not mortifingly idiotic for a person to beleive that they would spend the time, money and effort in a covert operation of developing moneys in the advance plite of a national tragedy to conjur in bored, uneducated and dependent minds of many faceless neanderthals throughout society to mess with your minds. Get a life and an education so you can develop your own ideas and not believe everything you read hear and see. It is a shame to see so many people, so ignorant.

Your Comment: No one would have seen this if September 11th never happened. It's just something that u guys made up after the tragedy. What a good way to get ppl to come 2 ur website:make the 9-11 attacks a big advertisement. Have no respect for the millions that died. Good job idiots.

Your Comment: I think the most important fact we should know about this is who showed who this for the first time. It would be very hard to come up with this idea and have it so real that everyone would be concerned as they are. Is someone taunting the US with this, if so, whats the next one they will try... DON'T PANIC AND START FOLDING EVERYTHING NOW. Stay cool and watch your back....

Your Comment: Regarding the folded 20 dollar bill... I keep wondering, who in the world "accidentally" noticed this? Are there people out there who sit around folding money to see what pictures they get? If not, maybe we should track down who started this parlor trick's trip around and around the world and ask him/her some HARD questions about how he/she knew to do this?

Your Comment: I think this is ridiculos. It is simply a coincidence. These bills came out a while ago, and it is certainly not a government conspiracy against the entire country. It really is just a coincidence, similar to the Microsoft Word keyboarding trick. The sad part isn't the disturbing coincidence- but that someone actually took the time to fold the bill in a way to creep us all out-- and then make a website to spread it and start unnecessary anxiety and spook. nice job {sarcasm}

Your Comment: I think that it is really sad that someone has to make a web site to show people how to make money to look like one of the worst thing that has happened to all americans.Yes, at first I was interested in the whole thing too, but I think the thosands of people who lost their lives on Sept.11, deserve more respect than having people folding a 20 dollar bill to look at the way they died such a horrible death. Please gentlemen a little resecpt, I think they deserve it.

Your Comment: hatever it may be, coincidence, conspiracy, God i would just like to say what a bunch of idiots most of these people who wrote comments are. they verbally attack the people visiting this site, claiming that we need to get a life, but can i raise one question... why the f*** are you looking at the site if it's such a big waste of time?????

Your Comment: I believe that the person who made the comment that God sets up sign posts along the way for us to pay attention to is totally right. This was an act of God. And we need to keep our eyes open for more signs.

Your Comment: Three words: GET A LIFE. Whoever has enough time to figure this out, SERIOUSLY needs a job designing cardboard boxes.

Your Comment: Quite a neat coincidence. Not really offensive at all just displaying a quirky thing about some cash. I think it is what the internet is all about. I wouldnt have checked it out if it werent something cool but this definately is. keep up the good work

Your Comment: We all should know that the attacks were planned. The USA doesn't care about anyone, and Bush helped plan this , why? That's something we don't know but probably for money into his personal bank account. The USA does not care about any of you Americans (im canadian), and he's probably glad all your family and freinds died in the attacks.. as am I as some points as a lot of you are idiots and very ignorant about all other nations (including Canada). IMHO, you're all stupid Yankees and no wonder you couldn't see it coming.

Your Comment: OMG, if you fold the five, you get a picture of the Renaissance Center in Detroit call out the Feds (rolls eyes) Seriously, this is an urban legand, just like the one about eating pop rocks and pop. Treat it like that, don't get all ignoble or amazed, just scratch your heads and move on. And web site, your "patriotic duty" to post this thing, my foot. Get off your high horse, you used it to get publicity, otherwise you wouldn't have your web companies name all over the place. I just think everyone trying to seem all smart and patriotic and blown away is absolutly hilarious. Thanks for the good laugh.

Your Comment: GARBAGE...you should be ashamed.



Your Comment: Screw all the negative people. People will bitch about anything - Keep up the good work - it is amazing about the $20 (how freaky!) - Congrats on the Million Hits

Your Comment: This is called "pareidolia", which means etching meaning into the meaningless. Example...Remember the face on the surface of Mars? It is just a pile of rocks. All that is done here is placing value on something that we are letting our minds make a connection out of. Funny, how this always happeneds after the fact. At best, this is entertaining, at worst, it is a waste of time. Still, I can't believe how hostile some of the responses are.

Your Comment: Wow, thanks for a great page. All those people who are telling others not to visit this page a dumb, and hypocritacal. First of all people would have to already visit this website to read the comments to not visit the web site. And second they visited the website themselves. I really enjoyed your site and am glad someone remembers what America stands for. Freedom of expression is a great thing.

Your Comment: OMG! What a load of crap. Do you really think that the goverment would be cocky/stupid enough to purposely put that on the dollar? I'm sorry, but you people that think so are psychopaths!! Seriously, what would be the point of them knowing about this and not telling anyone? The government loses 2 VERY expensive buildings, thousands of citizens die, and were now at war. It's only a stupid coincidence that some stupid kid figured out when he was messing around w/a twenty. You have to be really paranoid or bored if you spend your time trying to find theory's about how the government out to get us all.

Your Comment: Maybe this creepy party trick is a sign that we're all ready to try to inject some humor and absurdity into a tragic event. As horrific as that seems, humor is a very effective defense mechanism, and I for one appreciate the humor in it. Some of my friends are freaked out, some don't care one or another. But most find it extremely interesting non the less. That's my two cents...thanks!

Your Comment: Why is everyone being so negative? damn!! Im sure that the person who build this site wasn't trying to offend any one. its all in good fun and if you dont have a sense of humor then "GET LOST" KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK GUYS, AND DONT LET THESE MORONIC FOOL GET TO YOU.

Your Comment: To all of the people who think that the pictures on the money are a hoax- that is a prime example of why we were attacked so easily. There are too many people out there who are naive, including the government. Anyone who would call this a hoax, I pray to God that your occupation is not Airport Security, or we will be nailed again. OPEN YOUR EYES!!!! Do not rely on high-paid government officials to protect you. The pictures are nowhere near a coincidence.

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