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Amazing $20 Bill 9/11 Coincidence
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Comments added August 19th, 2002.

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Here are some notable comments about our web site. They are all real; we could never make this up. The comments below have not been edited except to remove expletives.

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Your Comment: First, I laughed out loud when I read the St. Pete Times column on this stuff. Second, I tried to fold a $20 bill (obviously I hadn't seen this site yet or else I was having a blonde moment). Oh wait, I am one (a blonde) already! HAHAHA!!! Then, after I read all the various comments, I laughed out loud again (disturbing all my co-workers, since they get jealous and concerned if they see me having a good time on my job. Third, I thought "Geez, these people have got to GET A LIFE!". Fourth, NOW I AM WRITING (uh...typing) my comments in a little box. Does anyone remember Pogo? "We have met the enemy and they is us". Although not quote apropos, I think Walt Kelly's humor and take on society was way ahead of his time. I seriously wonder if OBL lays awake at night with his camels and thinks this stuff up, or if the guy who was doing this the night before the Nascar races attempted to contact anyone of his "knowledge" of this potential threat once he folded his $20. Maybe we should seek him out and question him? To find out what he knew and when he knew it, and when he knew he knew it? Lastly, I have to give my friend his $20 back as, you see, I'm too damned poor to have a $20 of my own to fold up in cute little folds like Origami, I gotta spend it on things like mortgage, electric, cable, phone, car, etc., to keep this economy running. Now, if someone could tell me what hidden images can be found in pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters..... Sincerely, Blonde Marilyn (wonder if they'll publish MY comments in the St. Pete Times?) hmmmmm.......

Your Comment: Comments: yeah, the pictures look like the actual 9/11 events, but the bill was made in 1998 you can't really say it's foreshadowing into the future that just happens to be a very, odd, and interesting coincidence NOT a conspiracy Your Comment: People, get a grip on yourselves! This is nothing more than pure coincidence! These bills were designed years ago and besides, what would be the point? Remember the Kennedy/Lincoln analogies after Kennedy's assasination. The world is a strange place and full of oddities, but everything is not a conspiracy. Geez!

Your Comment: BOys you have really stepped in it this time. I appreciate you sharing the trick with others, however you have fed to a theory that has been around since the incident. Not saying that it is all bad, I believe people should be aware and cautious of how our government is involved with certain aspects of world events, yet with a frienzy of net-surfers screaming watergate, it may be best to prove you are trying to show a parlor trick rather than a bond between the government and the Trade Center attack. Personally I thank you for the neat trick and wish you and your company great thngs for the future. Good day

Your Comment: I believe that these kind of "tricks" are results of the way Satan shows his cunningness and scheming ideas in attempts to alarm and fool Christians. We should ignore these "tricks" that come through email.

Your Comment: It's just plain FREAKY, but it's also very scary. This 20$ bill was drawn who knows how long ago, but Sept. 11 was so recent... anyway, don't listen to those mean people!

Your Comment: Why am I suddenly reminded of all those times we hear of people seeing Jesus in a tortilla or Mary in a vat of cottage cheese?

Your Comment: i can not believe what i have read at this site. people please!! please use your heads! all this talk about conspiracy and predetermined events has stunned me. what happened on that aweful day was horrible, but find a way to deal with it. do you think i wans't mad or even scared after it happened? after all that has happened i can at least say i have kept my integrity...i don't believe you can say the same. for this $20 bill thing, it is a coincidence. it is a stunning coincidence, but it is a coincidence all the same. if you do not think so i encourage you to LOOK AROUND your house. i would bet everything that you can find a similar coincidence, i am sure that in any of my college textbooks i can make some convinient folds and do the same that the bill does. for all of this stupidity dealing with 9+11=20...you know how many ways you can add/subtract/divide/mutiply dates to get 20? please do not be rediculous, this event has made people crazy...don't be one of those people. be smart. dont you all remember that we were supposed to die in 1999? why, because people were stupid...you turn it upside down and erase the one, which equals 666. how rediculous is that? just about as rediculous as all of you sound. if you dont want to listen to me that is fine. but please dont teach this nonscence to your kids. that poor twelve year old believes all of this crap because of you pathetic parents. 2(towers) + 001(1 pentagon) = 2001? please!!!! very convenient to put 00 in front of one dont you think? please be smart when you talk to your children. dont teach them all of this conspiracy junk! try teaching them to love this country and make SMART, EDUCATED decisions about what THEY believe, even if it is different from your views. I am a college student and every year i see more and more uneducated people, i do not claim to be smarter than everyone else, but i surely dont speak out of, or in favor of, anything i don't RESEARCH first. this should be a habit you do and you teach your kids to do. one last thing, instead of blaming bush for everything that has happened and teaching your 12 year olds that bush and bin laden are connected, try supporting the president. and if you are too blind to change your opinion on the matter try praying for the presidency, or simply doing something that helps the quality of life for your fellow americans. think before you make your decisions!!! be patriotic for your children, they watch you and they obviously believe what you say! please be smart for your children. love to all.

Your Comment: that is so ironic how the bill folds to these images. It really scares me. Well, I guess thats the way of the world!!! Peace and GOD BLESS US ALL!!!

Your Comment: Our Freemason forefathers, who designed our currency , were well aware of prophesied events of Sept 11. However, the latest generation has failed to "connect the dots." A study of Freemason monuments, including the Washington Monument, presents a calendar of events, on which is the terrorist attack and also future crisis facing America.

Your Comment: I thank you for building this web site, it has recieved a lot of contraversial feedback, in which i truly enjoy reading . I find the pictures quite interesting, just as I find all the comments. If a person was so strong in their beliefs that this site is merely to commercialize, if you may, the hideous attacks that occured on september 11th, they would certainly not waist their time coming to the site and investing their two cents, for then they are only doing the opposite of wich they believe, promoting more visitors. In my opinion, and it is just that, mine, I find it rather interesting. Is it some supernatural occurance or is it a coincidence? The truth is no one knows, and no one ever will, that is simply the mystery of life, and surely it is just one of a million, which no one could ever have an answer for.

Your Comment: I think this is an amazing coincidence, if that's what it really is. I read about this 'folding trick' and web site in my local newspaper. I just had to check it out. Keep up the good work guys and remember there's no better carpenter than critizism, whether it be bad or good.

Your Comment: A customer at my job showed this to me yesterday. I thought it was kind of freaky, but do I think that it could have prevented 9/11. I think our president has better things to do with his time than fold dollar bills different ways to predict terrorist attacks such as 9/11. AND if he did predict it due to an over abundance of time on his hands and the discovery of these images, I think America would have laughed him right out of the White House. "Hi America. Guess what. Some guy who's name is contained within the lettering on a $20 is going to attempt to blow up the WTC on a day when the month and day add up to 20. Soooo be aware everyone!" Come one! It's a cool coincindence, but in my opinion it's nothing more than that. Osama didn't design our bills, and I don't think he sat there in a little cave folding dollar bills going "Oh well this one shows the two buildings that we're gonna knock down, and this one shows where to hit each, and this one shows what will happen when you hit them, and this one shows what it will look like when the buildings fall down." I'm sorry...it's good to have something like that...it's a good reminder...by good I mean convenient, other than that I don't think the $20 holds any horoscope type predictions in it. Maybe we should look at each coin and try to figure out when the next attack will be that they keep talking about. Maybe if you fold the bills the other way!

Your Comment: I just finished reading the first comment on the comment page- and felt overwhelmingly compelled to respond immediately. I could NOT agree more with what was written. I truly believe that we will see all of his "future events" take place. I read the "Left Behind" series of books- based on this topic and I truly believe it will all happen. Know yourself- truly know yourself- who you are - and what you believe in. You'll be surprised where that will get you. :)

Your Comment: I read at the bottom of the page that there have been almost 2 million people on this web site- thats wonderful!!! America united, curious and communicating there feelings and opinions about world and life changing issues! That's huge!! And as for the over 60 complaints- TOUGH!! If the people complaining are US citizens- and share the same rights and freedom as we do (freedom of speech- freedom of press, etc.) then what the hell are they complaining about??!! It is that freedom that makes this website nothing but the innocent opinions of human beings. We are free to do and say what we please (to a certain extent) and if all we are chosing to do is sit in front of our computer screens and read about our nations tradgedy- then we are entitled to do so!!! No one should complain or even try to take freedom from another over something so innocent and petty. This web site ROCKS!! It's inspiring and intriguing to read the views of other people from all over the world. To each their own.

Your Comment: I do feel that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Let us think what we want and be amused for once in a while. Why is everybody so harsh on everyone else? I can't imagine why the government would intentionally put that on the $20. But I know that the term New World Order HAS been around for a while. The point is NOT to be scared or blow it off, but too be prepared. King James version of the bible Revelation 13:16+ reads "And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark IN their right hand, or IN their foreheads: and that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Even if you're not yet a believer in Jesus, this should raise a red flag for you. Here is this prophecy right in the Bible talking about a one world government and an identification mark (mark translates to stigma which means to stick or prick or poke). Here we are more than halfway there. The Euro-international currency. The U.N.-which now EVERY nation on the planet is a member of. The world bank-Hey another step closer. The smartcard-let's issue one to everyone on the planet because we're "alius criminals" and join us all into one system. One. That is the key word. The Bible predicted it, and now it's happening. Don't be afraid, but when they come to give you an I.D. chip, verichip or smartcard, DON'T DO IT. Heaven is a much better alternative than the mark of the beast. If you haven't read the Bible yet, do so. It's your history, your heritage, and your future.

Your Comment: first: to all the ones getting pissed off, denying it all and making fun of everyone else. look at yourself. you're the worst of us. You see something. you know it, but it scares you so much you're denying it. I learned about this in 8th grade. When somone is under intense emotional stress, they may act using different defense mechanisms, one of which is denial second: to all the people smiling, lauging, wondering how anyone could read anything into it, good for you. I wish I was naive. 3rd: to all the preachy people babbling on about god and such, i dont believe in god or religion. when you die you rot in the ground. its great that you can believe and find reasons for anything, but preachyness annoys me. 4th: To the people saying its a conspiracy: yes, you are right. some of you have found connections and reasons that no one else would have thought of. if the government is taking you seriously, you're probably dead by now. so is the person that drew those pictures on the bills, trying to warn us of something they knew would happen. The election was rigged. the attacks were planned. the government wants to hold us back. it wants to take away our privacy and freedom. they found the perfect way to do just that without our suspicions or complaints. 'terrorist' attacks by someone who our almighty super duper hasnt found yet, who repeatedly makes videos of himself that just happen to turn up. what better people to do it than ones who happen to dislike america. what ever happened to the unreliability uf video and photographic evidence, because it can be altered, or even manufactured? thats just what it was. any proof we have is fake. either lies or something the government made to satisfy us for the time being. finally, to all those who lost someone in the 'attacks': im so sorry. we will find and expose all of the people responsible for your loss

Your Comment: Of course 9/11 was encoded into America's money; those of us running the New World Order(Novus Ordo Seclorum on the $1 bill) put it there. 9/11 was allowed to happen in order to implement laws specifically designed to destroy the Constitution, consolidate all federal agencies under FEMA(Federal Emergency Management Agency) and let the Shadow Government reign supreme in order to make it easier for the alien colonists to invade the Earth on December 22nd, 2012.

Your Comment: All I have to say is that when something has made a strong enough impression on our hearts and minds, we see it everywhere. Always question your government, but don't be overly paranoid or bicker amongst each other. Bush is speaking to Americans all over their country, go ask him why/what/how.

Your Comment: the way you are exploiting such a tragedy is just sickening

Your Comment: The results of the folding of the twenty dollar bill is amazing. But you missed the men from outer space in the lower left hand corner, and Clinton's cigar in the upper right. You just aren't looking hard enough if you can't see these amazing images. You guys are geniuses. Keep up the good work!

Your Comment: I've always felt the majority of the population is dumb. And after reading a sample of the comments here, I see no reason to alter this belief. People, get real!

Your Comment: Comments: Tell these conspiracy idiots!!! To get a real job and a LIFE!! This is one of the most STUPID!! Things I have heard of lately. I will bet the sam FOOLS who came up with hanging CHADS came up with this one

Your Comment: I find it fascinating that the very people whose curiosity was innocently peaked by hearing about this page find it necessary to condemn other such visitors to this page, throwing around words like "unpatriotic assholes" along with the usual "retarded morons" in order to display their level of intellectual and personal superiority. Equally interesting are the comments and questions about conspiracy theories after the title of the page involves the word Coincidence. All I can offer is, CALM DOWN! These people aren't claiming to be God. They aren't trying to convert you. They aren't trying to launch a conspiracy scare. They are trying to show you a neat party trick that in no way interferes with having respect for the tragedy of September 11th or the victims thereof. It's an odd little coincidence involving a little bit of imagination and a little bit of extra time on one's hands. NOTHING MORE. OF COURSE no one printed this money as a hint to the public or to laugh in our faces. That would cost exorbitant amounts of money that we simply don't have in the national budget, not to mention that it would be an insanely bad PR move. No one is laughing at the attacks. No one is trying to get us with our money. Put down the phone to the Pentagon and the pen to write angry letters to the editor. Just take a deep breath, fold the money, and say, "Huh. That's kind of interesting," and put it carefully back into your pocket. Or, if you like, donate it to charity. But for Christ's sake, chill out.

Your Comment: Comments: I can't believe that some people are so pissed off over this - a friend of mine showed me this trick on Friday and I thought it was weird, but that's it. I don't understand why some people are so mad at the website designers... take a chill pill and calm down... dayum!

Your Comment: The people who write you guys about how "sick" and "offensive" this site is are the morons. It reminds me of the people who call in to the Howard Stern show to complain how "sick" and "offensive" he is. Here's a suggestion for EVERYONE out there - if you don't like what's on TV, radio, or the NET either turn it off or change the channel! Duhhh! (Feel free to post this as I read your site's comments for the pure enjoyment of seeing people make complete asses of themselves... Kaf.) Good day all.

Your Comment: i took the time to read many of the posted comments on this website. VERY DISAPPOINTING. firstly, b/c so many people would be so angry about this website...get over it, it's not such a big deal and it's not disrespecting 9/11...it's not even a coincidence, it's just interesting. secondly, that people might actually entertain the notion that this was some prophecy and government-related....come on! you can fold bills, manipulate words and numbers, and come up w/almost anything. can't we all just get along? isn't this america? why does anyone think that their position or idea is somehow more appropriate than someone else's? isn't that how it all began anyway? all you angry folk and conspiracy supporters, you really are no better than the terrorists...keep it real. be cool. stay united!

Your Comment: I don't know what all the jumble is about the twenty dollar bill..so what if someone saw thepentagonn and t he twin towers in it..I thought when I saw it that it wa okay just got us to thinking again about the terrible t ings that can goon with our country and made you get downon your knees andpray somemore for god's guidance.

Your Comment: Thank you for putting up this web site! It was interesting to see the folded bill, and even more interesting to read some of the overheated responses. I just want to point out that you can fold a $20 into a crane, a well-known PEACE symbol, and yet the attack was a WAR-like act! Whaddya make of that??? I also have some pretty suspicious tortillas in my fridge. I'll let you know.

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