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Amazing $20 Bill 9/11 Coincidence
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Comments added May 28th, 2002.

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Here are some notable comments about our web site. They are all real; we could never make this up. The comments below have not been edited except to remove expletives.

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Your Comment: this is ridiculous. i do not know how trees and plants could look like smoke to you idiots.

Your Comment: Liar. I just tried folding a 20 bill the way you did and nothing showed up! Geeze, come on you're wasting people's... oh wait, my money's Canadian.

Your Comment: i knew about this long before you put up your web site, and why exactly is everyone getting so mad? is it because you see the relation and just can not stand the fact that it has been there? shame on him who has seen this why? because it didnt prevent the inevidable?

Your Comment: If you fold the $10 the twin towers are standing with no harm done as well as the pentegon.The $20 is when you see both were hit. The $50 you see the destruction to the pentegon, twin tower & one is collapsing. The $100 the towers are completely distroyed! This also works with the old bills as well as the new is this to say our government new about this before hand I think bush did but did not know when or where. Why would he let this tragedy happen why would anyone???? He could have been hit too don't you think he would have prevented it he has family too you know!!!!!!!!!

Your Comment: I think all those who have negitave things to say on here Are government officials. To Blame this on God is absurd, the government has been called, even by people in it "Pure Evil" and many who have dropped thier positions within this agency have been mysteriously missing or found 3 years later in woods someone by someone walking a dog(notice all these bodys are found by people walking thier dogs) never is it by a bunch of kids hangin out in the woods campin or havin a party, and if all these killers are always hangin in the parks(if they are not government murders) why do you never here of people dissapearing from the woods????? They are always just thrown there...hmmm, So anyways i think the government is starting to fall apart each year with more and more technology their conspiricys and secrets become hardeer to hide. About the 20 bill i mean cmon look at it it is an exact match, and anyone to criticize it is trying to get noticed or is a complete idoit. For years the government has been trnfering info from here to there through all kinds of means. WE are not the great country we think, i mean with what is in front yes, but talk to those who worked in the military 30 years ago or people with mofia ties and all will say our government is SO corupt and have screwed over so many other countrys. So yes to us we live in a great country, but just like that popular slut everyone in school knew, we have a very bad reputation. So is it right to say we are right and all other countrys are wrong, that would be truly a christain thing to do!!---Rick

Your Comment: That is too wild. wonder if someone had that planned? or wonder what the other countries study about us to take us down.

Your Comment: I think that those who visit this web site to tell us that we are idiots for visiting, well, what does that say about them? This site is not saying there is a conspriacy, it is just something that is very uncanny and unbelievable. Just like the thought of some outside force (i.e.- true idiots) flying planes into buildings. Kind of makes you wonder and want to check it out, like over 1.5 million have.

Your Comment: I thought this was very cool and freaky! Everyone at my school is talking about it!

Your Comment: I thought the $20.00 trick was neat. How long did it take him to figure it out? To all the lame Americans who found it to be offensive where is your sense of humor. How can you find it be anything else but CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How can we except you "Lame Americans" to stand behind us!!!!!!!! Just let you sense of reality go with the flo!!!!!! Don't let your true colors show Proud to be an American

Your Comment: Funny how all these people are quick to put down the one's who do come to this site and how did they know about this....my my my they are visiting this site right along with the rest of us morons...regardless it is still something to think about

Your Comment: This 20 dollar thingy is just a coincidence. It's not like you have to make a whole site about it. It's like making a site baout colors of socks! It's just plain stupid. You get too excited over one little thing you have to make a site about it? Although, I was surprised FOR A FEW SECONDS!!!! It's not liek I wan to make a site baout how my socks smelll!

Your Comment: this is sick and f***** up its a shame you even put this stuff out there.

Your Comment: pretty good but not original, Mad Magazine was doing that sort of thing for years.

Your Comment: i was amazed by the tweenty dollar bill also 9+11=20 i think our goverment know a lot more than what they are telling us i think they just dont care any more

Your Comment: WOW!! That is all I can say!!!

Your Comment: Amazing stuff. I used to fold bills that exact same way to make sail boats...never thought fooling around in government class would destroy america... *sorry*

Your Comment: Just wanted to say.. WONDERFULL KNOWLEDGE .. and too all the complainers regarding advertising and money being made of this... the hell with ya... you don't complain about all your other sites that fill your eyes with advertisments... give me a break...last thing on my mind when i seen this site...and no one made any money of me!

Your Comment: Take one of the new $5 bills and look at it without folding it. You can see Abraham Lincoln. He was ASSASSINATED. Unfortunately the government was several decades too late in secretly encoding the advance warning of his assassination on paper money. Now take a piece of tin foil and fold it into a hat.

Your Comment: Who the HELL has time to sit and think up this stuff? My life is so busy with two jobs, a husband, two teenage sons, a 6 month old puppy & a home to take care of, it just amazes me that anyone whould have the extra time to sit and figure out this kind of stuff. Who ever it is, on one hand I pitty them for having such a boring life but on the other hand, I'm very jealous for not having the free time that they have. If I had more free time, I sure as hell wouldn't be folding dollar bills to figure out what sick pictures I could make. You need a life bud!

Your Comment: I think you did all of us a great service in bringing this to our attention, it is there for a reason. For us to learn some lesson. Another made a comment of it looking like a plane when folded and looking at the pentegon, there on the plane it says in God We Trust. Like I said there is a message there for us all.

Your Comment: GREAT! WONDERFUL! FANTASTIC! I don't know who has the time to sit around and think these thing up, but...keep up the good work!

Your Comment: I've always felt our government was behind the attacks of these buildings. I've seen a training manual by FEMA that shows a bullseye right at the impact of the first airplane. This and other evidence I've seen just validates and confirms for me that the powers that be in all probability, made this happen. Peace

Your Comment: Yes I do believe in what alot of people say it is just showing us GOD is in control of what is happening and maybe this will open eyes of the non believers giving them a second chance ,Ithink it is great your letting the public see these comments

Your Comment: I wanted to drop a little bit of my opinion and to say that I like this site. It's great where everyone can express their opinions. The person who wrote about God being in control, I admired that comment. I strongly belive things are meant to happen and we are given hidden messages if we want to see. I had a feeling of something like this was going to happen and it did. Seeing the 20.00 as everyone is proclaiming, start with the $1.00 bill. Fold it in the same fashion as the $20 then turn it over to where the Pentagon would be, and you will see the Bald Eagle, upside down, beheaded, and without wings and below that, you see the pyramid with the wording "Novus Ordo Seclorum" (New World Order). Also, to the person who made the comment about it being absurd to think the government knew... wake up smell the coffee. if u fold the $5-you see the 2 towers standing, fold the $10-you see the first tower being hit, fold the $20-you see the 2 towers hit and pentagon, fold the $50-you see the towers falling, and fold the $100-you see the smoke. Now, looking back to what has happened, and rumors of government knowing about the attacks and terrorism for past 5 years. Think about this, the attacks were in 2001, I believe the new published bills began in 1996. Coincidence? Also, is it coincidence that Bin Laden has still not been found? Could it be what happened was for more power and control? That's what's great about this site, and being able to express yourself. Keep the comments going.

Your Comment: Wow! I never knew that! I think how people are saying bad things about that are wrong.I really think thats freaky!

Your Comment: i am amazed at how poorly educated so many of your contributors are. the spelling is atrocious and the grammar absurd. the anger that consumes the american people is troubling as well. this juvenile contention that the gov-ernment and big business care for the individual human is anti-capitalist. your fate has been determined and "printed" already as well.

Your Comment: While people are still distraught (including myself) about what took place on 9/11, I hardly doubt that this website was trying to be mean, or even funny. I just think it's very strange that someone took the time to figure this out. Weird? YES... VERY, but at the same time ironic. Just about everyone I know has heard about this, & it has only been a day & a half. As I recall, there has always been controversy with matters of our legal tender. It's nothing new. 9/11 is (and always will be) a very delicate subject, but moving on from it, does not mean that all aspects shouldn't be discussed or brought to light. This $20 bill deal is simply a coincidence and nothing more, I don't believe the government was involved at all, but I do find this folding trick to be amazing.

Your Comment: I enjoyed folding the 20 dollar bill, but I loved all the comments that followed. Did you know that here in the UK we could fold the Queen in half on the 5 pound note and place her on the old 10 pound note Charles Dickens, and create John Mackinroe? Spooky!

Your Comment: Obviously the scenes in the $20 bill were placed there by an altruistic person within the government trying to warn the populus. S/he obviously didn't approve of the plot to put bush in office (if we all remember, he did *not* win the popular vote, only the votes of the electoral college); strengthen his support with the masses, therefore nearly eliminating any lingering discontent or ill will leftover from his "election" to office; unite the country in the singleminded goal of hunting down powerful citizens in foreign countries and executing them; and further harming US citizens to "keep the faith" in the president as time goes on (not only is this not the first time the government in conjunction with the press has concocted a false war, but has anyone else noticed that as fear eased the FBI [part of the government] released first findings of anthrax through the postal system [thus resulting in the poisoning of the water supplies when the government dumped even more chlorine into them---a chemical directly linked to eight different kinds of cancer, amoung other things], and again now of "reports" of more "vague terroristic threats against [this] nation." The further implications of this conspiracy are disturbing. This is sabotage and treason at its worst, as it is being prepetrated by the government on its own country, with the complete knowledge, suport, and very likely instigation of the president himself. Because of this attack, the US government has even more power than before, at the expense of the privacy and rights of the people it controls. Beware. Big Brother is watching.

Your Comment: Datz tyte!

Your Comment: Hopefully you will find my comments worthy to be aired. The $20 bill in question depicts the pre-planned events of a conspiracy that has been in the works for quite some time, as these horror are are shown on the 1996 series as well as the 1999 series of bills. These are the bills with the "20" on the back in large boldface, as opposed to the earlier editions which had a much smaller presidential portrait in front and a small "20" on the back. Our currency is arguably the most carefully prepared and guarded set of documents on the face of the earth, and there is nothing "coincidental" about any aspect of the bills that are produced for circulation. To the skeptics who wish to hide their heads in the sand concerning the gravity of world events and the eventual outcome, I say "have another Coors Light". They're going to need to be drunk to deal with it! To those who have ears to hear and eyes to see, look up, for your redemption draweth nigh!!! Keep up the good work, I hope the site gets another million and a half hits!

Your Comment: we tried this on a 1996 $20 Bill and the results were the same.

Your Comment: If youre making money off of this i dont think thats very cool, but the 20 dollar bill thing is amazing not that I think its some conspiracy but WOW,....i was pretty freaked out its too damn close...

Your Comment: Per the 20 dollar bill coincidence... do the same with a new $5 bill, $10 bill, $20 bill and an old $100 bill... Think about this... money is time and time is money.... money runs on a timeline.. from 1-100... Set the bills in order and observe the construction and the fall of the WTC.. The 5 is the construction of the towers... the 10 is an image of the top of the towers on fire from afar... the 20 is a closer image of the towers burning toward the bottom... the 100 is smoke... after the fall of the towers...

Your Comment: Amazing and very interresting! People need to lighten up and appreaciate new discoveries. It's just simply an amazing coincidence, or is it? It doesn't take away from the seriousness of 911. It just gives us something to share, and something to remind us as Americans, what we're fighting for. Perhaps God wanted us to know that He knows all things, so he impressed the minds of the creators of the $20.00 bill. So that upon discovery, we would know that He is still in control and that evil can not hide.

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