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Amazing $20 Bill 9/11 Coincidence
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Comments added June 10th, 2002.

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Here are some notable comments about our web site. They are all real; we could never make this up. The comments below have not been edited except to remove expletives.

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Your Comment: I think you all have too much time on your hands ... why don't you get a life, and start praying for the end of terrorism ... or do you already know that it has ended by looking at a penny under a microscope? DUH!

Your Comment: Have you noticed that on the back side of the $20. bill that on either side of the likeness of the WTC on fire, you will see the words United and America. Could this be a likeness to the airplanes that were used in the terrorist attacks?

Your Comment: I don't believe this! What is happening to our once safe society. I know this is just the beginning of the end of the world. Just as Nostradamus predicted. We must be wary of the sins of our forefathers and the sins of man with or without foreskin. We are doomed- run for you may not be able to walk tomorrow!

Your Comment: I have to say, it's an interesting coincidence. But, you are helping perpetuate all the fear that has clouded our country. To think that this was planned years in advance and put on the dollar because of it is just ludicrous. Live your life, Love your family and be a good person. We don't need to waste our time worrying about all of these insignificant coincidences. We live in the greatest country on Earth. We need to be thankful for what we have and show the rest of the world that although we will never forget, we are strong will not be afraid to live our lives to the fullest.

Your Comment: On a positive note, on the folded $20...in the triangular shape (just below the Pentagon) you can read a portion of the words "in God we trust"...and it also shows that our flag still waives and stands tall in the aftermath of the destruction.


Your Comment: Who the hell had that much time on their hands trying to get the World Trade Center pictures on a $20 bill? How stupid. Not cute at all.

Your Comment: This has to be the most disgusting thing I have ever, ever seen. I can't even begin to tell you how moronic this entire site is, and I won't waste my time doing it, either. Get a life or a brain, please.

Your Comment: Be patriotic and fight the terrorists who try to take away our freedoms, not each other. If we continue to fight each other, then we will be doing exactly what the terrorists wanted.

Your Comment: Hey man, Great site, Great Trick, and I have one thing to say to all you who spend the time checking out the site, folding the bills, then spending the time to write in and tell us, and the site owners, that THEY need a life?? I cant even come up with a good insult for you, youve done a good enough job yourself.

Your Comment: It all makes sense now. Bush had to assume the presidency so that the prophetic vision of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon being attacked would come true. All this evil will come to pass once Bush is out of office!

Your Comment: I think that this is truely amazing and that God has given us a new sign. He is still showing us everyday that he is giving us signs and we are so blind to them. The people who figure this out please keep your eye open for all things because you have been anointed with a gifted eye use it to help warn the unsaved. May God Bless contuine to bless you.

Your Comment: I think that your story on the $20 bill is very deep. Those people who do not like symbolism of course will react negatively because that is their nature. However, to those who try to find a deeper meaning in the world events going on around us, symbolism in any form is notable.

Your Comment: I think this is just a coincidence, as you call it. It does not necessarily mean that there was some government conspiracy. Get a life, people, and stop trying to profilt from a national people.

Your Comment: Perhaps it is a coincidence. But who in the world sits around and folds dollar bills until it looks like something? You must have plenty of unproductive time on your hands. Get a life.

Your Comment: Wow I always wondered what a bunch of drunck rednecks watching nascar in there trailor park could think of and now I know. I am a better man because of this experience and thik the hole idea is kind of funny. Every one was saying in the coments that you could do it with the other bills. Mabey you could fold them just right and stack them lick a book when you flip threw it realy fast it would look like an action shot of them burning. It would make a pretty cool video clip any way and probably offend quite a few more people.

Your Comment: This $20.00 bill thing just show that God is in Control and he hates George Bush because he gave George Bush all sorts of super powers to fight evil and he is not doing anything but making a lot of money with his big fat Enron friends and his oil business friends and all his Army and Military Friends.. when will he learn to listen to the God Fearing Working Class Americans who voted for him and wipe out EVIL forever. This $20.00 bill shows how he knew it all along and is making a lot of money off of it. Also I don't think the back side looks like the Pentagon - it looks like an abortion clinic burning which is what it should be. God Bless America

Your Comment: I would like to say how much I appreciate this site even if its all about the clients or money or whatever like some idiot guy said we have to think about how important that is. I was buggin out when my friend showed that to me. That is crazy, about that man who wrote on god I just wanted to say I felt that in my heart all that is really true. I dont know why people gotta come in here to write something nasty if all that you guys in this site are trying to do is help. We need to stop being so mean to each other and stand together. Before I finish my essay I must say HAVE YOU NOTICED ABOUT THE NUMBERS,9/11? 9 + 11= 20!!!!

Your Comment: I just find some of the people out there are so closed minded to coincedences. I just think its weird and my friends that I have sent this too think the same thing.

Your Comment: Whoever found out that $20 bill thing was a genius yet a pyscho, much like me. That's pretty cool ... wow, someone had too much time on their hands ... and a $20 bill. Good work!

Your Comment: It's not Bush who knew about the attacks before they happened. Who was the president when the new $20 bill came out? Clinton! This is evidence that Clinton knew.

Your Comment: OMG I don't know why you people are getting mad. The person who made the website isn't insinuating anything about the 911 attacks. They just wanted the point out that if do this little trick, you get this little picture. The site is called 'Amazing $20 Bill 9/11 COINCIDENCE.' They are not disparaging the incident or making light of it. Everyone should just chill.

Your Comment: The spelling, grammar and intellectual content of many of the e-mails sent to your website indicates why we have an idiot in the White House and criminals on the Supreme Court. America gets what she deserves. The $20 bill trick is just an interesting anomoly. Neither God nor Politicians are smart enough to come up with such a clever scenario.

Your Comment: Thank You for putting up and keeping up this website after some of the nasty comments you have received. I wish some people would realize you don't shoot the messenger :) I actually went and got a $20 bill circa 1996 to see it with my own eyes. There it was plain to see. I now need to check out the other bills too. I can't believe they had this planned for 5 years!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! And for all those people complaining about this on this site. STOP!!!! Take your complaints to the government instead.... lets try to end this now before we're thrust into the new world order and we have no rights left. By the way its now legal for the FBI to spy on you!!!!!!!!!!

Your Comment: The sheep bleating 'God is in control' and 'God knew' and the rest of their drivel sound awfully akin to the Al Qa'ida muslim fanatics who always say, 'God willing'. I tend to agree with the skeptics, that it is at best, a morbid coincidence, and if you look hard enough for coincidences and 'signs', you will invariably see them. That said, given the revelations in the foreign press (most notably the recently published book 'bin laden, the forbidden truth' in France and Germany, a good case could be made that certain elements within our intelligence community that are acting as a 'fifth column' may indeed have known. Anyway, I did the origami for myself, and it does work, i can say that much. If there's any sinister motive, well that's 'food for thought, and grounds for further research', as one wise man says.

Your Comment: Do you want to know a secret? Be it what it is, you have the right to make your own decision. Consequently, follow your heart. Who cares what the majority might say? I had fun. I learned something too. Anyway....I came to this sight by pure coincidence myself. I had a $20 bill with the serial # AC74787186D. When I showed it to my friend as Air Craft 747,8 of them, 7186 Dead, he said he saw this folding thing on t.v. Weird huh? Barefoot

Your Comment: Amazing...I wonder who found this... Even though it is so hard to beleive, you can't deny the fact that someone involved in making money knew about this... They should be brought to justice for letting such a horrible thing happen! Its reminds me of the one eye on the one dollar bill which represents this group of people. Look around, you'll see this one eye all over the place (aol, cbs, cartoons, commercials, movies, etc)... someone knew about this and that same someone made these bills and knows what else is planned...May God ALMIGHTY help us!

Your Comment: you know of all the people complainin and whinin about how ashamed they are why in the world did you go into this website? you guys heard about it and knew about it and know you are ashamed!! that makes no sence. and for the people that thinks God has a plan maybe he did maybe he didn't. I'm sorry for those people that died, but don't freak on someone who found events on a 20 or whatever bill it is, that is nothing compared too those others who f****** lie about their family died in the world trade center and freaking gettin money and support from nice, generous people who feels sorry for them. So you all stop trippin about this stuff there is no indication that this person was trying to be downright rude. and if you don't like it then get out alll you got to do is click on Home or close it out!!!!!

Your Comment: All you ppl are dumb... I think this is an AWESOME discovery and the government knew about the attacks ever since 1996 and THAT was on national television. THANKS web master(s) for the information! Kinda trippy if you start to think about it. I was dazzled when i first read about this.. Too all you flamers out there who just want to talk s***, STFU & STFD. DO NOT look at this page if you think it's bulls***. I HOWEVER FIND IT VERY FASCINATING... -zerokrewl

Your Comment: : What happened on 9/11 was very tragic. Everyone is out to find out the truth as to what really happened. It is very evident that the government is hiding the whole truth from the American people. If you think about it, our government has been very interested in controlling the oil over seas, do not think for one minute that our government did not have anything to do with the attack. Don't forget it was our government who put the Taliban in power, they refused to let America build an oil pipeline through Afganistan to the Red Sea. This enraged our government, so they came up with this conspiracy to go in and take out the Taliban. I'm not gonna go into the entire story, but don't be suprised if in the future you find out Osama and the US government were working together. The $20 bill was designed in 1998, if I recall correctly, that was also the same year we asked to build the pipeline. Seems very funny that with all the intelligence available, we can't find one little man. Don't believe everything the media tells you.

Your Comment: I was the caller, that called in abou't all the negative remarks abou't the $20.00 bill page on your web site, and no Im not on dope, that is what some of these ppl on here would like to know if you are alright or not, cause they didn't have nice things to say. JUST TO EASE YOUR MIND IM NOT ON ANY THING.

Your Comment: I wish people would stop folding things and get on with their lives...hell my laundry needs folding see if you can see the towers in my undies, come on people my best friend lost her life in the South Tower and I would like to let her and all the other Americans rest in peace...thank you!

Your Comment: I heard about this site over the radio and I could not believe this. It is unbelievable ! I do not think this web site was trying to be negative, just showing everyone that a $20.00 bill is more than just $20.00. I bet everyone that has a negative comment about this site recommended it to friends /family to see. I know I am. People, you need to relax!!!

Your Comment: It's amazing how emotional some people can get about something that you put on the web just to show something you discovered to a couple of friends. What can you find when you fold the penny? ;)

Your Comment: Thank you for hosting this site..... A cashier showed me this about a week ago.... Then I listening to a morning talk radio here in Memphis Tn. that was the topic. if their are anymore please mail me, their's alot of symbols out here we see everyday and do not understand what it is we see but the the powers to be that they total control..... Novus ordo secllorum means the New oder of the ages

Your Comment: the $20 bill thing is a strange thing, i was amazed.it's not your fault, why are people getting mad at you for making this site? you didn't commit the terrible acts....nor did you print the new money....this is just something that's very odd, and scary. and whoever thinks our us goverment would or could plan something like this, they have to be some kind of stupid.....just look at the way the $20 depicts the left tower burning lower than the right.....it couldn't have been "PLANNED" that perfect, that's what makes the picture so weird, the accuracy of the towers, and how they looked while they were burning. those attacks had NOTHING to do with our leaders, it had EVERYTHING to do with the devil. pure evil reigned over our nation that day........but God has HIS hand in everything and his wrath will save us all. this is bigger than any government, don't give man that much credit.

Your Comment: Hummm, If ya take a piece of newspaper and fold it and ball it up about the size of a fist. And put it beside the person that came up with this $20.00 gig it would bear a shocking appearence. worthless

Your Comment: The $20 bill thing is just a coincidence. I just wonder who had the time to "discover" this. There is someone out there with entirely too much free time. As for the people who are enraged by this on your web site, I have never seen such psuchopathology!

Your Comment: I just have to say, I think the bill folding is a very eerie coincidence. I've read the comments and am very sad to see, although not very suprised, how many mentally ill people there are out there. Treason? Conspiracy? Our government did this? Come on people WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!! Put some of that anger and hostility into making our country safe and sound instead of bringing us down. I for one am DAMN PROUD TO BE AMERICAN!! I have trust in GOD and OUR COUNTRY!! Some people and their crazy view disgust me, but that is what we love about this country! Your FREEDOM!!! Stupid asses.

Your Comment: C'mon people, really, so it is a cool trick that you can show your friends at the bar, this was and will be a significant part of our history, I wouldn't call it "pokin' fun" if anything it is keeping people talking and remembering, and the most tragic thing we as Americans can do, is forget. So use this little trick as a positive reminder that we all have sufferd in the last 9 months. Peace.

Your Comment: When I heard Q102, in Philadelphia, talking about the $20 bill on the radio on 5/31/02, I immediately wanted to see if it was true. So when I got home and logged on, I was completely taken back by it. How ironic. I beleive that things happen for many reasons but this was amazing. Dont' worry about what others feel or what are saying about this, it's a coincidence, that's all. It's nice that someone brought this to our attention in the first place. It's not as if you intended to hurt someone's feelings. You were showing something that us Americans will never forget. I don't believe that we need to dwell on it but we need to take the time to heal and perhaps this is part of it. Dr. Phil once said in so many words, on the Oprah show that "time heals all wounds but it's what you do with that time that will heal your heart faster." for example, when someone passes on and the family is in mourning, others sometimes cannot beleive that the person hasn't taken eough time to mourn or it's taking too long. Yet I feel that, when is the right time? Some of us are able to bounce right back and some of us just need that extra time. They are trying to hold onto the memories of their loved one forever. They will feel it in their hearts and know when the time is right to let go of the ache and start the healing process. That is why I don't think that there is anything wrong with someone showing us a coincidence. These people need to look deeper into themselves and find their spirituality. Everyone has it. Some of us use it more than others. Please keep up the good work and PEACE to everyone who reads this. As they say, "take a moment to stop and smell the roses". As we now know life is too precious and short.

Your Comment: I think someone needs more work to do. It requires some imagination to turn this into more than it really is. Time should be spend in a more productive manner.

Your Comment: my 10 year old daughter came home and told me about this i thought she was just playing around then i heard about it on the radio so when i got home i look up the website and i see it and all i could do is cryall those innocent people and when you turn it upside down it look like people are falling they say you can do something with a $50.00 bill.

Your Comment: I think the $20 could have been used in as a covert signal to let the attackers know when they were to carry out the attack. This may have been the signal that was sent to let them know when to proceed with their diabolical attack on the United States

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