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Amazing $20 Bill 9/11 Coincidence
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Comments added June 26th, 2002.

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Here are some notable comments about our web site. They are all real; we could never make this up. The comments below have not been edited except to remove expletives.

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Your Comment: I am not surprised at the illiteracy and hurtful language displayed by so many who have visited your website. Sit for just a few minutes in any public venue and you will hear this kind of rancor. It's what America is all about ­ boisterousness, egotism, and selfish disregard for human life. We are learning this kind of behavior from our government.
My daughter showed me the front page of the newspaper today and was thrilled to borrow a twenty-dollar bill from me to play the little trick. We thought that your discovery was all too clever. Thanks for sharing. I just wish that I wasn’t so broke. A twenty is all that I had (and will have until payday). I would probably get a bang out of folding the other bill denominations to see the chronological imagery of the WTC destruction.
My only negative comment is this: watch your backs. Foolish men do not like to be made out as fools, and your site has sincerely convinced many that the folks in the White House are the root of all evil. I would not be surprised to learn that the "government" has logged the e-mail addresses of everyone who has visited this site, and is at this moment cross-indexing the list with FBI and CIA records to invent some justification for continuing the "Us against Them" war. Bush has made it clear that anyone who speaks negatively about his leadership is a "Them."
Believing that, do I dare hit the send button? Someone just went down the sidewalk walking a dog. Ah, what the heck… life’s a drag if you can’t have a bit of fun.


Your Comment: I was very amazed with the $20 bill trick, that i tried it with the $100 bill and i saw smoke and at the bottom it looked like a little city. I the tried it with the 50 and it looked like it was all gone or what it looks like now

Your Comment: When I read the first comment, I thought the person was being funny. And I thought it was good humor. Then as I read more, I was amazed people really took this seriously. So I have come to the answer to a question I have had for a long time. How could anyone vote for a Democrat? If they ran a monkey, 33% would vote for it. Now I understand why.

Your Comment: God Bless America. Only in America would something like this be produced for the masses to all circle around and ponder... and then generate just as much anger as awe. Reading the responses to this site is one of the most humorous things I have seen in a while... and I think any rational person who doesn't see a shred of fact-based logic in this "conspiracy theory" would simply laugh it off and get on with their life. What does disturb me are these people who get taken up in a cloud of self-righteousness and want to shut down the free-flow of ideas that this web site clearly represents... attitudes like that, when followed to there ends, often lead to extreme behavior. We all know what extremists are capable of. Look at how this tragedy got started in the first place. Lighten up here, people. We have all been hurt by what happened, but that doesn't give us the right to start witch trials against anyone who speaks their mind... keep freedom alive by building up what you believe in and spend less time tearing down what others are representing.

Your Comment: This is one of the many things I come across on a daily basis which makes me think, can it be possible that this was foreseen? I have heard many things stating that Nostradamus and people to his magnitude saw this coming. One thing that really bothers me about the 20 dollar bill trick is that it's just too weird to pass off as coincidence. Who knows, there may be a lot more to this tragedy than anybody knows now. Way to go guys!


Your Comment: OK if you look at the point it looks like the pentegon roof with the flag before it was hit. Also do you see the arch St. Louis has an ARCH Gateway to the west It also celebrates 4th of July Fireworks take your finger and cover the towers it looks like the arch forth of July with fireworks going off Also ST for St. Louis is intinals showing at base od arch also with it folded it reads 2002 in the corners. SPOOKY what does it mean? I was told & whats going around , 4th of July nexted target Arch in St. Louis SPOOKY isnt it? Thanks


Your Comment: There is no such thing as a coincidence.

Your Comment: A lot of people died on 9-11-01 & now all some body has time to do is sit around & fold money up & discover that it looks like the twim towers. This is sad.....

Your Comment: The 9-11 tragedy was indeed a horrible catastrophe but all of the negative comments on a folded 20 dollar bill is moronic and unneccesary. Maybe you people who are whining about this should go buy some damn business or perhaps even a life. Please quit getting your panties in a bunch over a coincidence!!!!!!!!!

Your Comment: Just my humble opinion, mind you, but I think the aftermath of any tragedy or epiphany leaves us seeing and reading into things that may or may not be true. It is natural during times, such as the 9/11 disaster, to want answers; and for people, in pain, anger or pure disbelief, to search for those answers. Sadly, it can lead to outrageous revelations.

Your Comment: One word...MORONS...

Your Comment: chills went up my spine as i was first shown this little coinkydink. it appears that SOMEONE in this world SOMEWHERE has a huge plan.....or not. anyway rock on and dont worry. chances are we'll all be close enough to a ground zero area that noone will suffer! get high and have fun. we all die....get over it.

Your Comment: The laughable attemtp to find a prediction of a tragedy after the fact, such as folding paper money, is just the pathetic search for meaning by a gullible, superstitituous, undereducated and ignorant citizenry. Critical thinking and judgement are beyond such moronic people.

Your Comment: I have no opinion one way or another about the coincidence or conspiracy...i'd like to think coincidence and someone was obviously very bored when they found this...who folds money to find tragedy, but it is something about the $20.00 bill we all didn't know about...i take it in memory of all the innocent victims of 911..i am framing my 20 for the victims and their families...god bless america everyone!!

Your Comment: Dont you all see, this is plan they have had for years, to get people to believe we need more security,to get people to think we need a new world, A NEW WORLD ORDER, we need a revolution people come on

Your Comment: Obvoiusly, the person who made this discovery had no life and decided to fold up a twenty dollar bill. By some mysterious and horrific way a daunting picture of the WTC and Pentagon attacks appeared. As some have pointed out, it works with bills that have been printed before 9/11 and 1,5,10 dollar bills, etc. But anyway, the images of the WTC and Pentagon are just the White House, anyway.

Your Comment: this is a coinsidence. but we as americans need to get closer to GOD because he's in control. its true that 9/11 events were tragic, but who are we to judge god. big deal that someone has figured out how to fold a $20 and 9 + 11=20 but come on people ask yourselves are we able to stop the acts of GOD, and thats all this is, an act of GOD. so we as americans need to take this act and act on it. forget racism, forget calling each other retarted for visiting this web site, forget blaming the gov and g. bush and forget homsexuality, lets just forget all the negative acts of MAN. we as americans need to start blessing GOD more often, because if we don't we as americans are going to see GOD continue to bless america more often whether we like or not!!!!!! remember that this web site is just FYI only and dont take so serious. lets all just bow our heads thank GOD for everything. with out him we have no web sites.

Your Comment: A lot of people have accused you of "piggybacking" or profiting from 9/11, when the National Republican Party (the party the gangster who calls himself president belongs to) are doing the very same thing. In fact, I'd go so far as to say most of the people making that accusation belong to said party, and probably send in their 20 bucks to get a good picture of Bush as he gazed out the window, and saw the success of an otherwise failed presidency. Hey, here's another one for the conspiracy theorists... What comprises the fire and smoke on the towers on the bill? Why... A bush.

Your Comment: If you continue to fold the bill it flows naturally into a paper airplane. This proves that the democrats knew of this attack in advance and now are trying to pin it on George W.

Your Comment: Do you think I'm a sucker? Well, guess what: I feel like it! I couldn't find an "after 9/11" bill, so I got a 1996 dollar bill to test if it did the same: and it DOES!!

Your Comment: Whoever came up with this pile of crap has WAY WAY WAY too much time on his hands...this takes a lot of poetic license to come up with those depictions...Get a life for God's sake!

Your Comment: Even though one of my family members was killed in the Trade Center attack I still believe in the God theory (that only God could have made such coincidences). My reason is that no one on earth could know in advance how the smoke was going to look.

Your Comment: 2 ALL you dumb ass,low down whinerz,Shut the hell up!!!PLEASE!!Well i think its so cool and freaky!!!!TTLY!!~Lil'Megz~

Your Comment: My younger brother showed me the WTC Attack on the Twenty dollar bill I was really freaked out. You can really see it. It is very scary to me

Your Comment: TRY THIS. Fold a picture postcard of the former Trade Center Tower, leaving just ONE tower visible to the eye when viewing 1/2 of the picture. With only ONE tower visible in the folded picture, the TWIN TOWERS now looks like the "NUMBER ONE," a euphamism for GIVING SOMEONE THE BIRD, or FLIPPING THEM OFF, or GIVING THEM THE MIDDLE FINGER!!!!! And you know what?!!! THAT'S the HIDDEN message that Osama saw from all of us Capitalist Pig INFIDELS in the West!!!! It ALL makes sense now!!!!!! WE'RE THE ONES who STARTED the whole thing by building those damn Trade Center Towers to TAUNT Osama and his followers. If ONLY we would have made the connections in TIME!


Your Comment: dis is a stupid thing. so wut if the $20 bill has somethin strange on it? do any of u give a crap? if u do, please, get a life. so what about the coincidence? do u even care what the government thinks? all they do is treat u all like slaves. if the government makes money, why are they needing tax to be added to shopping? i'm just sayin that this "$20 bill" coincidence is just...retarded.

Your Comment: I really think someone has a little too much time on their hands and a VERY big imagination. I lost 2 friends on 9/11/01. I wish they were still here. I am not saying that your site is wrong, just a little odd in taste. God bless!

Your Comment: This is a cool site, especially all the comments. It's interesting to see so many view points. Well in my opinion, whether the govt. knew or not, it really doesn't mean anything. There is so much stuff we'll never know and probably don't want to know. There's nothing we can do about it. Nothing! Now I'm not some church raving finger in your face critic but these things are happening for a reason. And I don't think there are hidden messages that God has sent us, he tells us in plain english, black and white writing, in the Bible. Read it, it's there. Sure maybe our govt is corrupt and maybe they did know but when all is said and done we only have to answer to one person... GOD. It's really very simple. I feel terrible for the families and for the lives lost on 9/11 becuz sad to say a lot of those people did not go to heaven. Another thought.... Why hasn't Bin Laden been found? If I get a ticket and don't pay, I get a letter saying their gonna come pick me up or if I don't pay my taxes the IRS will track me down. So how about the most wanted man in world? Maybe we should get the IRS to track him down.

Your Comment: I was truly amazed when I came across this! I first would like to express my extreme disgust toward those comments I read that go on and on to bash this site. I feel strongly about our freedom as Americans and believe in free speech, but need you keep chattering on about people making a profit off of a web site. Your comments are supposed to be associated with your belief or disbelief and that's all!! I am a person not easily persuaded but I have trouble calling this coincidence!

Your Comment: This goes out to all the whiners.. Remember you had to take some off your time to look for this site.. Idiots

Your Comment: all these people calling you retard and saying crap , were did eveyones patriotism go?? Its funny everyone is all gung ho about putting a flag out and now look around, where did the flags go? what about the patriotism? now whos the meatball?

Your Comment: THIS COMMENT IS FOR THOSE AMERICAN CITIZENS THAT ARE DISGUSTED WITH THIS SITE....Shame on you...What do you want to do, sweep this horror under the rug and forget about it...We need to be reminded of this tragedy so we won't let down our guard and go through it again...The next time you drive to work, count how many American flags you see....You'll be surprised how many Americans have already forgotten....WE MUST NEVER FORGET...And if it takes scary reminders, so be it....

Your Comment: Thank you so much for the information !!! I have passed it along to many people. Would you PLEASE show on the beginning of this website the $1.00 bill through the $100 bill what has been written by the comments from others. A lot of people don't take the time to read thru all the comments. The main thing which convinced me was when I folded the $10.00 bill and then the $20.00 bill side by side. Unmistakeably not a "coincidence" !!! Call it divine ; call it what you will --- this is "NOT" a coincidence.

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