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Amazing $20 Bill 9/11 Coincidence
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Comments added May 31st, 2002.

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Here are some notable comments about our web site. They are all real; we could never make this up. We will anonymously publish Your Comment or Opinion if it is worthy. The comments below have not been edited except to obfuscate expletives.

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Your Comment: This bit of Origami has shaken our family to the core. Ashcroft is now warning people to be "on alert" when folding the $20 bill; Cheney is saying that anyone who uses a $20 bill is a traitor. Moreover, there is no way this is a coincidence. We have just learned that, even 5 years ago, Al Qaeda had people living in the United States who were training to engrave money, but who were NOT training to SPEND IT! We missed all the signs!

Your Comment: Don't worry about these people that get upset because others are folding money. If anything regarding this is ridiculous, it's the fact that people can get angry because of it. I have showed this to all of my colleauges and friends and none of them were moronic enough to become irrate. Dispensing this sort of novel information is the essence of our free speech. If we want to be patriotic, this a way to do it. Those people died because we can fold money however we want, let's fold with pride for their sake!

Your Comment: i knew about this my dad showed it to me and i am only twelve but i think i found out what this has to do with sept. 11.add 9 plus 11 equals 20.and that is the 20 dollar bill. and 2001 2 towers to 0 01 strike on america.2001.why did bush get all those extra votes and possibly wanted to be presidant so bad to have power like bin laden. how did the terrorist get through the alarms without being caught.and a cop cant arrest a presidant but a regluar citizen can.so the police may have somekind of connections.suchas binladen and bush. that is why we cant find osama. dosent that concern u.write back if ne comments

Your Comment: If you add the letters in the word computer, you can come up with the #666.Or you can try to spread the word of God, and save people.As with the $, we all have choices that affect the rest of the world every day.Fold money, or go out and try to help people: your choice.

Your Comment: I just wanted to say to the person who wrote this"Your Comment: Clearly, people who visit the $20 webpage are morons who need to be euthanized. And you people obviously cater to the "retarded" demographic segment of society with such garbage on your webpage. Do us all a favor and go out of business." Man, how can you be so resentful? All this is about is to prove how deeply this has affected all people( not only americans) it shows how we will "NEVER FORGET" And for you to say we need to be euthanized... courage to share.

Your Comment: I thank it's ironic. I didn't take the figuring or folding of the bills as a negative thing. Obviously, people are looking for answers or they wouldn't come up with things such as these. People are hurting, they have pain. Love, care, and kindness, most have forgotten. People's words are the biggest hurt. Look at the comments and people's reactions on this site. We don't reach out to others and try to help we attack with our words. We just hit them up one side and down the other because it pisses us off or makes us angry. I am talking about myself as well. I leave no room for being excluded from my own comments. If people would just love and act in kindness towards one another Man!! What a difference it would make. Yes, we've all been hurt and we don't want to be taken advantage of again. But what a difference we could of made if we would of responded in a loving matter. It doesn't take alot of effort to do so. I noticed in my town that the love and kindness since the 9/11 tragedies lasted about 2weeks. Then it was back to life as usual. Why not make acts of kindness last for all times. I do wish this is possible but it starts with you, not someone else.

Your Comment: I was always told money was the root of all evil. But i do believe the attacks on September 11th were mapped out after seeing that on the new 20 bill and i do believe the new 20 dollar bill came out before September 11th of that year and what i see is that once again i don't think its pure coincidence. i think its an act of being a trader in are country of America like i said i do believe it was mapped out and then acted upon. not coincidence. Sincerly, Dennis

Your Comment: If the world was not caught up in all the wrong doing that it does and everybody who was wrong in every little thing they did or they were going to do this world would be a much safer place and for the person who ever said they seen the same thing on the 1996 series well its on that bill also and all things have a plan and they could have planed this out way back in 1996 mapped it out so to speak and they say fear is in fear of it self and as of late are nation and are beloved country of America is putting alot of fear in us so we get scared and many people don't understand i sure as heck do corprate America is what we will be and thats a given because they want to rid all the poor folk so they can have the richness of the land but they forget that one day God makes his return and he will cast away all the evil and the wicked on this earth.

Your Comment: um...i don't want to be mean...that whole discover was kind of cool/freaky, but ISN'T IT ILLEGAL TO SCAN MONEY? lydia

Your Comment: Great site guys. Nice links too. People are dissing you for making a profit off 9-11? Let's just say it hasn't hurt George Bush's standing in the polls. For the record, I don't claim to be religious, or a prophet of any sort. However, submitted for your approval... all the components of this little "bar trick" are simply too right on to dismiss as mere coincidence. Don't you think? 9+11=20...it just happens to be on the 20 dollar bill. (Actually the 10 as well, but 2[twin]x10=20) The finished folded side the burning Pentagon is on has 5 sides...also a pentagon. The side with the burning Twin Towers not only has the towers burning in the same order as all the famous photos, but when you take the number 2 (from "Twin" of course) fold the dollar two more times it makes an airplane. And as you know, it doesn't end there. There just happens to be the names of the two airlines that hit the Twin Towers: United and American - in the order the planes hit. Well, it just says "America", but I'd say that IS close enough. The name of the airlines that hit are IN ORDER of appearance on the wings of the folded plane, as to which tower was hit first and which was hit second. American hit first...that tower is burning lower in all the photos because of it. And on the twenty, the word America is on the side of the folded bill that shows the lower burning tower. Now what does it all mean? Is it mere coincidence? If something happens once, it's an accident. If it happens twice, it could be said to be coincidence. Once something happens in a series of three or more, only a fool says, "There is no pattern". Now I like to dabble in the significance of numbers. All of this seems to be perfectly mathematical. According to my count there are 9 "coincidences" in a row in this little "bar trick"...so far. In numerology, it is said, "Nine is devine", because you can add any single digit number to 9 and still get that number when added again.i.e., 9+4=13 1+3=4. Q: What does the number nine represent? A: The end of a cycle. After you've counted to nine, you start all over at a "zero" type base again, or "10,11,12,13...etc. So here's the clincher: What, or "Who" is devine? Some would say "God". Q: What number represents God? A: Three(3)for the Trinity of course. So let's add one more coincidence to this "bar trick". That is the fact that it takes THREE folds to put the puzzle together. This brings us to 10 "coincidences", or back to our "zero" base. Q: What did the media call the Twin Towers area after the 9-11 attack? A: Ground Zero. My personal conclusion? I'm not saying, "Repent! The end is near!" I am not an raving appocolyptic fanatic. Look. Everyone now knows about Cheny's oil connections. Everyone now knows that our government wanted the Afghani government replaced in order to control the oil market. (Everyone except the ones with their heads in the sand.) I believe it's pretty obvious that our beloved president had prior knowledge that danger was imminent, and allowed this catastophy to happen, but the 20 dollar bill is not proof of that. These bills were printed 3 to 4 years prior to all these happenings. Q: How could anyone know exactly which airlines would hit when and where, with all the details nailed so well, that far in advance, AND conspire to record it for all the world to see? A: Bush had his agenda...but not that. Remember, I'm not religious, but I do believe God sets up sign posts along the way for us to pay attention to. Here's A couple more coincidences for the road. After you unfold the twenty, the White House is again in full view, but now with an X through it from the folds. The White House was the target that was never hit. This message was sent to us on our new "MONOPOLY MONEY". That's what we called our new currency. Hmmmm. Monopoly money is worthless. Our new dollar is no longer backed by gold, but by the the GNP, and rapidly losing it's value on the world market as Greenspan feverishly prints more and more of it, and our economy becomes a bubble ready to burst. It goes on and on...

Your Comment: I sit and laugh at the ravings of such people. People who believe in conspiracies, like religious fanatics (all of whom have some relations to those who attacked this nation regardless of religion, Catholic, Morman, Arabic, Lutheran, etc.) need explanations for those things we encounter in life that do not have easy answers. If for once people thought for themselves and did not take things like this seriously, maybe we would be able to learn for our past and accept things as they are, with or without an explanation. Sometimes things just are, good or bad, let it go, move on, and live your life. It is sad that so many of you have this need for easy answers. I can see the terrorists did win and are continuing to do so. When we keep up these behaviors, we are letting them win. I do not say forget, but not forgetting is far different then what you all have done. Personally, I find it sad so many are in this state of confusion, but then again I really do not care about this site one way or another, some people obviously need ?crutch? to get through life because they are too weak to life on their own.

Your Comment: ok seriously people...its a trick, a coincidence, a freaking urban legend in the making. Of course it's not goverment conspiracy, and its not just a stupid waste of time. It's something someone noticed and decided to share. I bet half of you people are complaining right now didnt wait more than 10 minutes before you showed the trick to someone. Just chill with all the shame on you stuff. Calm down and grin the creep goosebump feeling you should get from this.

Your Comment: I would not be surprised that a new $20 note has symbolism on it.. I feel symbolism is part of an Order system...as one investigative writer infers ...too. I also feel symbolism occurs in our daily lives too.. all the time. & it's really a "magic" world evolving... Peace, America

Your Comment: I just received this email from a friend about the 20 dollar bill...i live in New York city..I know people that lost their lives in the W.T.C.attach..To be honest this info.makes one think allot about everything that happened and "What"Realy Happened?????That is a very incredible discovery that makes us Question """"What"""and "Why".....All I know is that I was "BLOWN AWAY""!


Your Comment: all of you people that are saying that it is just a coincidence. you need to be just a little more open minded. nobody knows if the government put that on the twenty dollar bills on purpose or not and who can tell if it was just a coincidence or not nobody knows so just leave it alone.....and if you dont like what i have to say sue me

Your Comment: Okay, I'll be the first to say that the attacks on the World Trade Towers was a horrific tragedy. I was in New York at the time and spent the whole day worrying about people I knew that were in the area of the towers when it happened. But, I think all these people who who are getting upset by this COINCIDENCE just shows that people in this world are way to sensitive about anything that comes along. I'm not trying to belittle the Trade Towers tragedy or anything, but come on people, this $20 bill thing is a COINCIDENCE!!!!! Its not a predition form the past, its not some kind of supreme being proving it's control over us, it's a COINCIDENCE!!!!! Read into this whatever you want, but people leaving messages on here telling us reading this stuff or the owner of the site what we should all be doing with our lives is forgetting that this is the "Land of the free, and the home of the brave" Brave, you all know that word.... like the FireFighters that were running up the stairs of the trade towers to save people while it was coming down. And I don't remember seeing any ad banners on this site at all, just the "All Brevard Web Sites" thing, so what's with this "I'm notifying the government" crap??? Remember land of the free??? Remember FREEDOM OF SPEECH??? If you were offended by this $20 thing why did you come to this site in the first place???

Your Comment: Wow. That's the first thing I thought when I read the comments section of this website. Wow. I thought this was supposed to be the era of post-irony and self-conscience sensationalism, but some of the comments seemed to have missed that lesson in school. Probably playing hookey the day they taught that one. Or they were playing hockey and caught a slap shot to the head.

Your Comment: This is a very scary coincidence. This is something everyone should know about.

Your Comment: One word: SICK

Your Comment: This is the scariest thing I've ever done with US currency. Except for the time in Jr. High when a classmate showed me that you could fold a dollar bill to turn George Washington into a mushroom. I realize only now that it's really a "Mushroom Cloud". Oh, yeah, he also showed me how you could fold a dollar bill so that the phrase "United States of America" turned into "Tits of America." I always thought it was simply juvenile humor, but after seeing this site, I realize that it's only a matter of time before I learn what "Tits" really means. I dread that day. And it's a-coming.

Your Comment: Think about the following... How does it look if someone comes to your house selling pins in remembrance of the victims and families of the 9-11 tragedy, only to find out that the money isn’t going to the victims and families but only to the person(s) selling the pins. Now, how about a company doing basically the same thing? Commercially piggy backing, advertising, baiting the consumer with the remembrance of 9-11. Is that morally correct?

Your Comment: I would just like to point out the amazing assaults on the English language that I read here. Aside from misspelled words that could be (but probably aren't) typographic errors, there are horrible attacks on our collective intelligence through grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and that post with the numbers for certain syllables of words and U instead of you and R instead of are, which is beyond description without using a low 2 digit range in IQ. The real tragedy is the illiteracy and inconsiderateness of our people exemplified by the rudeness and linguistic abuse. Obviously you are as warped as those you criticize. You came to this site, didn't you? Get a life. Take a course in English grammar. Get a dictionary. Learn some manners.

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